Audi Introduces V12 Diesel Passenger Car Concept
Toyota Introduces FT-HS Hybrid Sports Car Concept: “An Attainable Exotic”

Nissan Shows Hybrid Concept

The Bevel Concept.

In addition to unveiling its first small crossover, the 2008 Rogue, Nissan today unveiled an advanced design study, the Nissan Bevel Concept, at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

A Bevel would feature a small, efficient 2.5-liter V6 combined with a hybrid drive unit.

Nissan conceived The Bevel Concept for “empty-nesters” who spend their new-found free time on hobbies, recreation and community service.

The Nissan Bevel Concept is a multi-purpose vehicle that places its focus strictly on the primary target users—male empty-nesters actively engaged in hobbies, recreation and community service. Bevel offers technology ranging from glass roof-mounted solar panels to drive-by-wire steering, throttle and braking, and a hybrid powertrain.

Bevel features a pair of power outlets—a traditional 12V outlet and a 110V power tool recharging outlet—powered by Bevel’s integrated solar cells mounted beneath the large glass roof panels.

The driver’s area includes a unique “ribbon” instrument panel, which moves four inches forward and back when the driver’s door is opened or closed. A “command central” information/technology zone features a series of screens that display images from the sideview mirror cameras and five information menus—Vehicle Information, HVAC, Navigation, Entertainment and Home—through use of the ribbon-mounted controller.



I wonder if Nissan will do what Honda did with one of their V6. They have a seemless cylinder deactivation system that turns the V6 into a V3, by shutting off half of the cylinders when one needs less than 50% of full power. As far as I know, NissanRenault does not have such a system operational.

Rafael Seidl

Only in the US would anyone consider a 2.5L V6 a "small" engine. They should use a sub-2L turbocharged inline four instead. VW's 1.4L TSI with dual chargers delivers 125kW (170 hp), easily enough for this class of vehicle (a.k.a. "shooting brake") when combined with a hybrid system.


Hey Rafael, in Texas there's an expression, "Too much is not enough"


Hey, DS:

There is another expression:

In America all things are small or good.


Hey Rafael,

Last time I checked Nissan was a Japanese company. And by the way, GM offers a much larger selection of cars that get 30 MPG that Nissan.

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