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A Massey University (NZ) scientist has received a NZ$260,000 (US$181,000) post-doctoral fellowship from the Foundation for Research, Science and Technology to develop highly active electrocatalysts for more efficient electrolytic production of hydrogen at low voltages.

The award will support a three-year study by Dr Aaron Marshall, a researcher in the Institute of Technology and Engineering at the University.

Dr Marshall developed chemical processes to produce nano-sized catalytic materials as a PhD student at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Norway. In May 2006 he was awarded the Exxon Mobil Prize for his doctoral research and returned to Massey to take up a post-doctoral position.

His earlier work focused on the development of iridium-oxide-based nanocrystalline particles for use as the anode in a PEM water electrolyzer.




Money well spent by Exxon Mobil.

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