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Oklahoma Governor Proposes Bioenergy Center

Oklahoma Governor Brad Henry has proposed that the state spend $40 million over a four-year period to create an Oklahoma Bioenergy Center (OBC) to focus on bioenergy research, development and education.

Biofuels research supported by the OBC would include development of feedstocks (primarily cellulosic biomass), collection and transportation, conversion technologies and distribution. Because the center would provide a particular boost for the state’s rural and agricultural economy, it would also feature an education component to help interested farmers and ranchers make the transition to energy crops and adopt best management practices.

Oklahoma produces many promising energy crops, such as switchgrass and other native grasses. The University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma State University and the Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation would be founding consortium members and integral to the mission of the OBC.

Coupled with the state’s oil and gas industry, Gov. Henry said, the OBC would make Oklahoma a leader in the energy arena.

A thriving oil and gas industry certainly does not nullify our need to pursue other sources of energy. In fact, more and more oil companies today are making the necessary investments in alternative energy. Aside from the concerns stemming from our dependence on foreign oil, the fact is that oil continues to get harder and harder to find and more expensive to produce. The emerging economic powers of China and India only mean more intense competition for the oil that does exist.

—Governor Henry



I don't understand why government(s) do not just directly buy the biofuels...the free market would develop the fuels more quickly and it doesn't stink of pork.


OBC ... is that pronounced "obese"?


Actually, if biofuels were left to the free market, the industry would dry up tomorrow. A 51 cent subsidy per gallon is not a free market.


Well one reason you dont use free market is you dont want to buy palm oil based biofuels.. the reason should be showing up on this site rather soon. For now suffice it to say its REALY REALY bad. Even worse then I reficted it would be and so bad I think we have no chance now.



How much subsidies are we paying for unleaded gas...Why does it cost $5-6 per gallon in Europe? My point is enough of this R&D, test, retest, models and concepts. They technology exists, as does the producer. Support him.


They should concentrate on exploiting crop residues first.

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