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QLink to introduce CNG Taxi Fleet In UAE

Q Link, a subsidiary of Al Qudra Holding, working with the International Energy Group (IEG), a subsidiary of the UAE business conglomerate, S.S. Lootah Group, will convert its taxi fleet to use compressed natural gas (CNG) fuel this year.

“The benefits of conversion to CNG as a clean transportation fuel has a lot of virtues to its credit,” said Hadi Tahboub, General Manger, Q Link. “Fleet operators can benefit from a reduced fuel cost by 30 to 40% at least and the quality of air will be improved dramatically, since 80% of air pollution in the UAE is caused by vehicle emissions and CNG reduces emissions dramatically.”

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If UAE is flaring any excess gas, this also converts their vehicles from consumers of salable product to consumers of a byproduct.  Shrewd move, complementary to building an LNG or GTL export systems.

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