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Raymond Receives Funding from New York to Develop Fuel Cell Technology for Lift Trucks

The Raymond Corporation, a leading producer of materials-handling equipment, has been awarded a $750,000 contract from the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) to research hydrogen fuel cell applications in electric lift trucks.

Beginning in 2007, Raymond will begin using hydrogen fuel cell-powered Raymond forklifts in its Greene, NY, manufacturing facility. Raymond also will develop the necessary infrastructure for indoor fast-fill hydrogen refueling systems.

By using our own facility as a test lab, we can streamline the development process and learn firsthand the requirements for using fuel cell powered forklifts in a manufacturing environment.

—Michael Field, Raymond vice president, research and development

Raymond has been working with several fuel cell providers since 2003.

The goal of the program is to study the performance of hydrogen fuel in electric forklifts and to demonstrate the safety of a hydrogen-fueled forklift environment. Expected outcomes include a working indoor refueling system that meets all required code and standard requirements, and documented best practices for the design and application of indoor refueling systems.



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