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Volvo Invests in Black Liquor Gasification Company

Block flow diagram of a Chemrec Black Liquor Gasification with Motor Fuels (BLGMF) production concept. Click to enlarge.

Volvo Technology Transfer AB is investing in Chemrec AB, a company that has developed a technology for gasification of black liquor, a residual product from the pulp industry.

Volvo Technology Transfer AB is part of AB Volvo and focuses on the development and support of new ventures of relevance to the Volvo Group. This investment is part of the Volvo Group’s drive to help speed up the development of renewable fuels for the heavy vehicle industry.

Chemrec has shown that there is an efficient process for converting biomass into renewable fuels. The Volvo Group has no intention of becoming a fuel supplier but wishes instead to continue to conduct engine development on a broad front. On the other hand, we do want to participate in the development of new processes for the production of alternative fuels.

—Anders Brännström, President of Volvo Technology Transfer

Common practice today is to incinerate the black liquor in soda furnaces where the chemicals are recovered and where the energy that is generated has a relatively low efficiency rating. Using gasification rather than incineration to dispose of the black liquor creates a number of by-products including synthesis gas. With this synthesis gas it is possible to utilize known techniques to produce a range of vehicle fuels such as methanol, DME (dimethyl ether), Fischer-Tropsch synthetic diesel and hydrogen gas.

Black liquor motor fuel system (here with optional auto-thermal reformer). Click to enlarge.

The Chemrec high-temperature gasification plant (DP-1) in Piteå, Sweden, has recorded more than 1,100 hours of accumulated operating time producing syngas from black liquor. The next stage will be to produce fuel by modifying the gas cleaning unit and introducing a CO-shift stage into the black liquor gasification (BLG) process.

A report published by Nykomb Synergetics AB and Chemrec under an Altener contract by the EC in 2003 studied BLGMF in detail. On the basis of a modern pulp mill, and factoring in the additional energy required for the process, BLGMF can produce automotive fuel with an efficiency approximating 65%.



Cheryl Ho

There are developments in DME/Methanol in China today:
Access to methanol, a key primary input, to manufacture DME , Xinao recognise this and JV with Methanex to grow the DME Business. While there are several technology developments recently for selective production of olefins, especially propylene either from methanol or from DME. UOP and Lurgi are fairly advanced in the technology. In fact Lurgi AG, will be sharing their experience at upcoming North Asia DME / Methanol conference in Beijing, 27-28 June 2007, St Regis Hotel. The conference covers key areas which include:

DME productivity can be much higher especially if
country energy policies makes an effort comparable to
that invested in increasing supply.
National Development Reform Commission NDRC
Ministry of Energy for Mongolia

Production of DME/ Methanol through biomass
gasification could potentially be commercialized
Shandong University completed Pilot plant in Jinan and
will be sharing their experience.

Advances in conversion technologies are readily
available and offer exciting potential of DME as a
chemical feedstock
By: Kogas, Lurgi and Haldor Topsoe

Available project finance supports the investments
that DME/ Methanol can play a large energy supply role
By: International Finance Corporation

For more information: www.iceorganiser.com


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incinerate the black liquor in soda furnaces where the chemicals are recovered and where the energy that is generated has a relatively low efficiency rating. Using gasification rather than incineration Outsourcing To China

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