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The basic I-SAM hybrid system. The new application uses a larger diesel engine, but the same size motor. Click to enlarge.

The Volvo Group has presented its heaviest I-SAM hybrid to date. At an event at the Swedish embassy in Washington, DC, last week, the group unveiled a construction truck from its Mack subsidiary, a Mack Granite, which is equipped with a hybrid driveline and was developed for the US Air Force.

Development of the truck was carried out in close cooperation with the Air Force, which earlier was involved in producing a prototype of a tanker truck with hybrid drive. (Earlier post.)

Volvo’s I-SAM (Integrated Starter, Alternator, Motor) is a parallel hybrid system comprising a combined starter motor, drive motor and alternator fit between the clutch and the I-Shift automatic transmission. (Earlier post.)

Volvo showed a hybrid version of the Granite construction truck.

Unlike earlier versions of I-SAM, this application uses a larger diesel engine (365 hp) and ultracapacitors for energy storage, rather than batteries. The electric motor is the same size (120 kW) as shown in other bus and truck prototypes.

I-SAM can provide fuel savings of up to 35% depending on application area and driving conditions. The first vehicles are expected to enter production in 2009. The Group is also developing hybrid technology for construction equipment, such as wheel loaders, in which the fuel savings can be up to 50%.

The issue of climate changes and uncertainty regarding the supply and pricing of oil makes hybrid drive an extremely attractive technology for our customers. With our solution, we can offer technology that saves fuel and the environment and, consequently, can be good business for society and our customers.

—Leif Johansson, Volvo CEO


Rafael Seidl

I imagine the US Army would be interested in this for its supply tankers. The cost and risk of diesel fuel logistics in a war zone are staggering.


Rafael Seidl,
So would the Navy. Many Army and Marine (combat/non-combat) support units in more in Iraq (and Afghanistan), are being replaced by Air Force and Navy units. Since Volvo Group has European units, the Brits (and ISAF members) may come onboard.


That's the power of volvo community..they are very flexible in manufacturing cars that even the US army would be interested in volvo hybrid truck..with the prices of fuel gradually rising, even car owners are looking for ways to ease the pressure on their wallets...built with high performance parts on all its systems from steering to Volvo shock.

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