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Advanced Battery Technologies Awarded Li-Ion Patent In China

ZQ Power-Tech, a wholly owned subsidiary of Advanced Battery Technologies, a developer and manufacturer of rechargeable Polymer-Lithium-Ion (PLI) batteries, has received a patent from The Intellectual Property Bureau of the People’s Republic of China for the invention of a nanomaterial lithium-ion battery and technology process.

The patent’s number is 200510087299X. The Company has started application for a corresponding US patent. With the granting of this new patent Advanced Battery Technologies, Inc. now holds a total of 8 patents, 7 of which are China patents and the other one a US patent, all in the area of battery technologies.

The batteries promise greater power capacity, longer cycle life and significantly shorter re-charge time than conventional li-ion batteries, according to the company, which sees great potential for application in powering electric vehicles.


Reality Czech

Fix the spelling in the title, please.

Harvey D.

This is good news. It will open broaden the field for nano-lithium rechargeable batteries production.

Increased competition from China will increase availablity and lower the cost within two to three years.

Chinese built PHEV/BEV quick charge batteries at $300/Kwh may be around by 2010/11. The $6000 for a 20 Kwh PHEV unit may be recouperated throught lower operation cost within 5 to 6 years.

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