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Aisin Seiki To Boost Supply Of Motor Systems For Ford Hybrids

Aisin AW’s own HD-10 2-motor FWD hybrid system.

Aisin Seiki Co., an affiliate of Toyota Motor Corp., plans to increase its supply of core motor systems for hybrid vehicles to Ford Motor Co., according to The Nikkei.

The Ford Escape Hybrid and Mercury Mariner Hybrid are equipped with Ford’s first-generation transaxle, which Ford developed jointly with Aisin AW, a subsidiary of Aisin Seiki. In 2008, the Ford Fusion Hybrid and Mercury Milan Hybrid will come equipped with Ford’s second-generation transaxle.

Aisin also supplied Toyota with the transaxle for the first-generation Prius. In 2005, Ford said that it would develop its third-generation transaxle in-house. (Earlier post.)

Aisin has supplied dual-motor systems to Ford since 2004, with shipments currently reaching around 20,000 systems a year.

Looking to expand its lineup of hybrid vehicles, Ford has asked Aisin to increase output. The automaker also has asked Aisin to develop a new dual-motor system for its next-generation small and midsize hybrid sedans.

Aisin AW currently offers two different two-motor hybrid drive systems, the HD-10 for front-wheel drive and the HR-10 for rear-wheel drive. The HD-10 is a compact system that integrates ECU and inverter into the transmission. The HR-10 offers a two-stage motor speed reduction device to enable a compact design. The hybrid system in the Lexus GS 450h is the first to use a two-stage reduction device. (Earlier post.)

Aisin AW 2-Motor Hybrid Systems
ParameterHD-10 FWDHR-10 RWD
Torque Capacity (Nm) 170 530
Motor Output (kW) Traction 65 147
Generator 28 134
Length (mm) 378 763
Weight (kg) 132 120

The HD-10 uses an engine gear ratio of 3.781 and a motor gear ratio of 10.706. The HR-10 with the two-stage reduction device offers a low gear ratio of 3.900 and a high gear ratio of 1.900.



The Milan is a niiiice looking car. Esp in black. If it gets realistic mid to upper 30s mpg and costs are reasonable (same as a non-hybrid Accord probably) I will definitely go back to an American car. On that note, I have to admit that after being loyal to Japanese cars, I'm very impressed with GM and Ford's offerings over the last 2 years. Never thought I'd seriously be considering American again but here I am.

Tim Russell

GM and Ford have made huge efforts to improve the quality and economy of their cars. The fuel shock of a couple of years ago was the 2x4 between the eyes that SUVs' were not going to be their bread and butter forever. The message was you better start paying attention to your cars before you lose it all to the Japanese name plates. Yes their both still in trouble but seeing what they got in the pipeline the future won't all be bad for Ford and GM.

Sayyed Ali Fatemi

please suggest me one gearbox or transmission system for an electric car with 170kg weight.
thanks for your help.

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