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Algae BioFuels Targets Alabama for BioFuel Production

Algae BioFuels, a wholly-owned subsidiary of PetroSun, has selected Alabama for field trials in the Gulf Coast region for algae cultivation in open and closed systems. Algae BioFuels will use the algae as feedstock in fuel production.

Meetings with state officials are being scheduled for late February to determine a start date and site selection for these field demonstrations.

Independent studies have demonstrated that algae is capable of producing 30 times more oil per acre than the current crops now utilized for the production of biofuels. The algae biomass material could also supply annually up to 100,000 pounds of animal feed per acre with a 50% protein content.


john hart

and the isolated areas, liek the Marshall Islands and othr small, no-oil countries, could farm their fuels...and they wouldn't pollute as much.

It is agood movement for world peace, ending poverty, defusing Bush's oil-politik...


I wonder if they are feeding the exhaust from the coal power plant in the Mobile area through it. That plant is one of the oldest and most polluting in the area. It has also been the target of many articles in the local paper for mercury discharge. Strange I had hoped to see that tried in the plant to the West but since the same company owns them they could be next.

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