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Several types of fuel-efficient hybrid cars with lone drivers will now be allowed to use the High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes on Arizona’s highways. The new Energy Efficient Pilot Program is part of the Governor’s Clean Air Initiative and begins immediately.

Vehicles that are able to achieve a 45 percent increase in combined city/highway fuel efficiency are eligible to participate in the program. Currently, three types of vehicles qualify: the Honda Insight, the Honda Civic Hybrid and the Toyota Prius.

Owners of those cars will need to apply for the program through the Motor Vehicle Division of ADOT (Arizona Department of Transportation). Once admitted to the pilot, owners will receive a special license plate, as well as a special sticker indicating the car is a part of the pilot. The program is limited to 10,000 vehicles on a first-come, first served basis. There are currently approximately 9,000 of these types of cars registered in Arizona.

The pilot program will remain in place while the EPA continues its long-term rule-making process for the use of HOV lanes.

The change also affects drivers of Bi-Fuel (e.g., natural gas and gasoline) vehicles. Under the terms of the pilot, and according to federal law, Bi-Fuel vehicles operating with only the driver on-board will no longer be allowed to use the HOV lanes. Within 90 days, the state Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) will issue Bi-Fuel owners a new Bi-Fuel plate; owners will be expected to destroy their current alternative fuel plate. This change does not impact Bi-Fuel owners’ reduced vehicle license taxes.


Sid Hoffman

Well, overall it's a good thing. Those of you not from Arizona may realize that 100% of the dual fuel or bi-fuel vehicles are actually full-size trucks and heavy SUV's like the Suburban. Not a single one of them is ever run on their alternate fuel, but Arizona has so many of them because one of the corrupt congressman wanted to give himself and his family cheap vehicles, so he drafted a rider to a law that no one was going to look at granting $15,000 government credits for heavy vehicles converted to bi-fuel. Of course, once word got out, there were something like 300,000 orders placed and many thousands sold before the law was repealed and the congressman kicked out of office. It's a crying shame that single-driver Suburbans and F-350's driven by well-off yuppies got to use the carpool lane all these years.


I drive a Suburban and my wife drives an Expedition, and we have 2 Fuelmakers at our house. I would not have gone through the expense of the Fuelamakers not to use them. The fact is yes I drive a bi-fuel vehicle, but I have not purchased gasoline for either vehicle for several years, why would I, when I fill up from home for $1.00 per gallon. I've got a large active family and we're not all going to fit in a Prius. Maybe two Prius's will replace the function of my one Suburban, so who's polluting more now?


From one Sham to Another, This "hsdfvnqe" Stinks. My TDI gets better MPG's than any of these vehicles. I run 40% Bio and 60% ULSD. I am also cleaner than any of these on the highway. Nappy, nice going, you "oijh"


Even with ULSD there's no way it's cleaner than CNG or propane. I'm looking at my emmissions report now. 220 HC is standard, my Suburban blew a 4 on CNG and 1.20% is standard for CO and my Suburban blew 0.00% email me I'll send you a fax copy of it if you don't believe me. But regardless I'll keep paying my $1.00 per gallon from home for CNG.



Hey Sid, I drive a bi-fuel Ford Contour which makes 30 mpg and you can almost breath from the tailpipe. Many people have bought decomissioned city vehicles like this, so quit with the generalizations already!


Hey whoever you are with the "Not a single one of them is ever run on their alternate fuel" info. You are full of it. I converted my pickup in 2006 with no tax incentive from AZ or US for the conversion. I run exclusively on propane. The cost per gallon benefit for a commuter is staggering. On average I save about $1.00/gal over gasoline with the same fuel efficiency. Oh, and the emissions are non-existent. So even though I am unhappy about not being able to use the carpool lane because hybrid imports are more popular with lawmakers this year (must have hired some good lobbyists), I will continue to do more for our environment than the hybrid owners and save money too. I can only assume that you work for the governor's office and are looking for brownie points, because like many of her other half-baked schemes, she has neglected to check the facts first.


I thought that CNG cars had HOV privileges because of how clean buring they are with no emissions. Isn't the reason for allowing special exceptions to the HOV lane rules based on reducing air pollution and dependancy on foreign oil. I have been wanting to buy a CNG vehicle with the understanding I would be an exception to normal HOV rules.

What is the Arizona's official view on CNG clean buring cars? Please reply to my email above...
[email protected]

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