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Autostudi, designer for Italian car companies such as Maserati, Ferrari, Fiat and Alfa Romeo, showed the Hysyrider, a prototype hybrid fuel cell scooter, at the International Engineering and Technology Fair in India.

The Hysyrider.

The Hysyrider is based on a hybrid architecture: a 300W fuel cell works in parallel with a 7.2 Ah battery. A DC/DC converter boosts and stabilizes the fuel cell voltage at the battery level; the fuel cell starts to work as soon as the battery pack voltage becomes lower than a fixed value.

A hydride storage system supports two hours of operation at maximum speed (20 km per hour). Thermal energy generated by the fuel cell is used to warm the vessel in order to optimize the hydrogen desorption. The air supply system consists in a blower allocated directly on the fuel cell and it is controlled by the motor power request.

The product is designed to be used in closed areas such as exhibitions, airports, harbors and historical city centers. No decision has been made to commercialize it.

The Hysyrider was commissioned by the Piedmont region and the Turin Chamber of Commerce. The aim was to integrate the work of regional hydrogen research centre HysyLab with the technological capabilities of a group of companies operating in the automotive industry.




It would be interesting to know what these cost to build. Seems like when dealing with everything fuel cell the cost is never mentioned, but battery EVs are always said to be "way too expensive"; at least they have a price that is reasonable enough to be mentioned.


Most small fuel cells are fairly cheap and this is a tiny one. The odd thing is its range.. Concidering the power draw id expect the tank id a very low capcity tank indeed.

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