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GM to Be First to Build Hybrid Light-Duty Vehicles in Canada

GM of Canada announced that its Oshawa Truck Assembly Plant will be the first plant in Canada to produce light-duty hybrid vehicles, with the new Two-Mode Hybrid Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra scheduled for sale in the fall of 2008.

Last February, Ford Motor of Canada unveiled plans to build hybrid versions of two crossover sport utility vehicles by 2010 at its Oakville, Ontario, plant.


Harvey D.

Good news.... Hybrid Silverado and Sierra drivers may get an average of 12.25 mpg instead of 11 mpg. A great step forward....

John Ard

Could the two-mode hybrid system use its regenerative braking to act as an "exhaust brake" when pulling a trailer? It could have a switch like a Jake Brake in a rig. Doesn't the Prius have a high regenertive braking mode for traffic? Pretty much the same idea.

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