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Grocery Chain Begins Selling B20 Biodiesel

Safeway, a grocery chain with 1,775 stores across the US and Canada, has begun selling B20 biodiesel at a store in Seattle. Safeway has about 270 fueling stations in the US.

SC Fuels is the biodiesel distributor of the soybean-based biodiesel.

Safeway’s move into selling alternative fuels could have a significant effect on the market if the program expands to more stations, SC Fuels Vice President Vince McBroom said.



Walmart anyone?


The problem is most Americans don't like diesel cars! If biodiesel was sold everywhere, was cheap, burned cleanly, and we could get killer gas mileage with biodiesel capable cars, then there wouldn't be a problem eh? I'd love to buy an American biodiesel car that got great mileage and was able to refuel it with cheap fuel.

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