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Intelligent Energy and Suzuki to Partner on Hydrogen Fuel Cell Motorcycles

Intelligent Energy’s fuel cell stack (right) uses fewer components than conventional stacks. Click to enlarge.

Intelligent Energy and the Suzuki Motor Corporation are working together on the development of prototype hydrogen fuel cell motorcycles using Intelligent Energy’s advanced fuel cell power systems.

Intelligent Energy will employ its proprietary PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane) technology to deliver to Suzuki a series of advanced, compact and lightweight fuel cell systems, which are intended to become an integral part of Suzuki’s future motor products.

Intelligent Energy’s PEM fuel cell designs combine novel fluid and thermal management techniques with the use of thin metallic bipolar plates, resulting in a simpler stack that is easier to manufacture. Integrated humidification and cooling reduces component count, eliminating conventional balance of plant, resulting in a smaller and more reliable system. The Intelligent Energy stacks offer a power to volume performance in excess of 2.5 kW per liter.

In 2005, the company unveiled a purpose-built fuel-cell motorbike. The ENV (Emissions Neutral Vehicle) bike was engineered and built from the ground up, based around Intelligent Energy’s CORE fuel cell. The CORE is completely detachable from the bike and could be used to power anything from a motorboat to a small domestic property. The World Economic Forum selected the company as one of its Technology Pioneers 2006 for that work. (Earlier post.)

Intelligent Energy is also working with Boeing on a fuel-cell powered light aircraft prototype. (Earlier post.)

Suzuki first began fuel cell research with GM in 2001, with the joint development of four-wheeled fuel cell vehicles (FCVs). So far, that work has developed three Japanese mini-car FCVs; the joint development with GM continues with the aim of further commercializing the vehicle.



Mark A

Maybe Suzuki has it right. R&D, and apply, these new hydrogen/fuel cell ideas in bikes. Then when they are developed, scale them up for the 4 wheel market. Seems like an excellent way to go. Hopefully Honda is not sitting on their hands..........


By the time any FC bikes get to market they will have to compete with established BEV motorcycles.


There already are fuel cell mopeds so a fuel cell bike isnt a big step up.


The BEV motorcycles are out there now.


Has anyone thought of using the earth to compress hydrogen? More precisely, what stops a company from running two cables down into the ocean 10,000 feet and supplying the cable with wind powered elecrtricity, thereby producing hydrogen from the ocean at a pressure of 4454 psi. The hydrogen would be collected at depth and piped, at a collection pressure of 4454 psi, up to a surface collection station and further into existing high pressure gas distribution infrastructures.

Cheryl Ho

DMe developments in China today:
Since DME has an advantage of decomposition at lower temperature than methane and LPG, R&D for hydrogen source for fuel cell has been carried out.

If you would like to know more on the latest DME developments, join us at upcoming North Asia DME / Methanol conference in Beijing, 27-28 June 2007, St Regis Hotel. The conference covers key areas which include:

DME productivity can be much higher especially if
country energy policies makes an effort comparable to
that invested in increasing supply.
National Development Reform Commission NDRC
Ministry of Energy for Mongolia

Production of DME/ Methanol through biomass
gasification could potentially be commercialized
Shandong University completed Pilot plant in Jinan and
will be sharing their experience.

Advances in conversion technologies are readily
available and offer exciting potential of DME as a
chemical feedstock
By: Kogas, Lurgi and Haldor Topsoe

Available project finance supports the investments
that DME/ Methanol can play a large energy supply role
By: International Finance Corporation

For more information:

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