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Siemens VDO Completes Acquisition of Ballard E-Drive Business

Siemens VDO Automotive Corporation today officially completed the acquisition of Ballard Power Systems Inc.'s Electric Drive Business, solidifying the company’s long term commitment to the hybrid electric vehicle market and further electrification of the powertrain. (Earlier post.)

The Ballard Power System Corp. Dearborn (MI)-based employees will join Siemens VDO’s Powertrain Electronics and Drivetrain division. The Dearborn location will serve as the organization’s North American center of expertise for the advancement of power electronics, motor design and electrical drive systems for hybrid and fuel cell applications.



Siemens is going to keep it up until they become the world's largest auto company.

Sure would like to see their in-wheel drive put into a car.


You might not like how that in-wheel drive handles, however. Increased unsprung weight does bad things for keeping the wheels in contact with the road when traveling over uneven surfaces. If you put a stiff enough spring and damper in the suspension to control a heavy mass of wheel and motor, you get a very stiff vehicle ride. Go with a lighter spring and softer damper, and the wheel bounces -- a very bad thing in corners.

If they can get the weight down to something comparable to a large disc brake, then okay, but otherwise you really need to mount the motors to the suspended chassis and use drive shafts and CV joints.


Wouldn't the advantage of being able to independently control the power to each wheel in real time allow you to overcome any unsprung mass problems?

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