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The National Biodiesel Accreditation Commission announced that six more companies—three producers and three marketers—have achieved BQ-9000 accredited and certified status. BQ-9000 is a voluntary quality control program. The announcement came during National Biodiesel Conference & Expo this week in Austin, Texas.

There are now 17 accredited biodiesel producers, accounting for 40% of the biodiesel production capacity in the US, and six certified marketers. The program requirements are based on producing and delivering biodiesel fuel that meets ASTM D-6751 standards through quality control systems that include storage, sampling, testing, blending, shipping, distribution, and fuel management practices.

The new producer accreditations go to Seattle Biodiesel, Western Iowa Energy of Wall Lake, Iowa, and Stepan Company of Northfield, IL. Newly certified marketers include Denver-based TransMontaigne, Western States Petroleum of Phoenix, AZ, and FUMPA Biofuels of Redwood Falls, MN.

In 2006, the National Biodiesel Board (NBB) approved a comprehensive fuel quality policy that directs the NBB to work with all state and federal agencies with authority to regulate and enforce fuel quality. NBB’s Fuel Quality Outreach Program has made contact with all state Divisions of Weights and Measures and encouraged them to adopt ASTM D-6751.

At the January National Conference of Weights and Measures meeting in Jacksonville, Fla., NBB recommended states aggressively enforce ASTM D-6751 by taking samples of B100 (pure biodiesel) at biodiesel plants, pipeline terminals and bulk distributors, and taking appropriate legal action if they find out-of-spec fuel.

Currently, half of the states have adopted the ASTM D-6751 specification as part of their fuel quality regulations, and an additional 13 states are planning to adopt the specification or are studying it. Ten states now proactively test biodiesel or biodiesel blends.

Also at the conference, the National Biodiesel Foundation announced that it will offer nine $10,000 grants to Clean Cities coalitions for the development of educational workshops or industry stakeholder meetings on biodiesel quality.

BQ-9000 Companies
Accredited ProducersCertified Marketers
FUMPA BioFuels
FutureFuel Chemical Company
Griffin Industries
Huish Detergents
Imperial Western Products
Johann Haltermann, ltd.
Minnesota Soybean Producers
Organic Fuels Ltd
Peter Cremer North America
Renewable Energy Group
Seattle Biodiesel
Stepan Company
SoyMor Biodiesel
Western Iowa Energy
World Energy Alternatives
FUMPA Biofuels
Metro Fuel Oil
Peter Cremer North America
Sprague Energy
Western States Petroleum



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