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Venture Vehicles Developing 3-Wheel, Tilting Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle

The VentureOne.

Venture Vehicles Inc. formally announced the development of a 2-passenger, 3-wheel, tilting, plug-in series hybrid electric vehicle under the working name VentureOne. In addition to the low-emission, flex-fuel hybrid model, Venture Vehicles is also developing a zero-emission all-electric version that will have an all-electric range of nearly 200 miles.

Two in-wheel 25 kW electric pancake motors will power the two rear wheels, with a small (15 to 20 kW) flex-fuel genset providing on-road recharging. The hybrid will use a 3 kWh li-ion pack from A123Systems. When garaged, it need only be plugged into a household outlet.

The two different powertrains. Click to enlarge.

The all-electric version is planned to have two in-wheel 20 kW electric motors and a 17 kWh li-ion battery pack.

A key feature of the VentureOne is the patented Dynamic Vehicle Control tilting technology from Carver Engineering that allows the body of the vehicle to actually tilt when going through turns while all three wheels maintain firm contact with the road.

We’ve licensed the Carver One’s dynamic tilt control system, but the vehicle we’re building is different in many other respects. For example, we’ve focused exclusively on hybrid, biofuels, and electric propulsion, while the Carver One uses standard gasoline.

—Ian Bruce, Founder, EVP Design & Engineering

The VentureOne has separate power to each of the rear wheels which allows automatic traction control, steering assist, and ABS braking to be entirely embedded in software. This eliminates the need for costly additional components and combined with the lack of transmission, severely limits the amount of money a consumer will have to put into maintenance.

The vehicle will be surrounded by a steel safety cell providing overall protection, along with other safety features such as a driver’s airbag, front and side-impact protection, and rear bumper will be standard.

The VentureOne will get up to 100 mpg, accelerate from 0-60 in 6 seconds, and have a top speed of over 100 mph, while being priced at less than $20,000.

Venture Vehicles is working with BMW DesignWorks, A123 Systems, Carver Engineering, Swift Engineering, Boshart Engineering and PML FlightLink on the design, engineering and production.




I purchased a NmG from in May. It is an all electric 3 wheel enclosed cycle with a range of up to 30 miles per charge. Cost was high for a 1 person vehicle at $24,900 but I have put over 6100 miles on it travelling to work daily. Operates for under a penny per mile as I am on time of use metering for electric. Rain has not been a problem, but I have parked it for winter weather. Check out their website at:

John Adams

If you are interested in a 4 wheel version, check out the Tango ( The current version is a bit expensive, but they are planning on making less expensive models, around the 18K range. Similiar idea to the VentureOne, just with 4 wheels. Watch the video, it looks pretty cool.

As for the VentureOne, if they could makes the under 20K version soon, I would buy one as my commuter, it would be great fun and very environmentally conscious as well. It make me wonder if the US car companies are ever going to get it, gas up, cars need better gas mileage or another alternative, not yet another SUV.


"any way, this danger is probably the reason Chrysler Tomahawk concept V10 motorcycle to have 4 wheels on tilting body:"

This is entirely inaccurate! the reason the Tomahawk Had four wheels wasn't because of danger of spin-out while leaning. It was quite simply because the Viper engine they used in the concept would shred a tire in seconds from sheer force. It needed the extra wheel in the back to get full use out of the torque. The front wheel was a simple addition for asthetic purposes and to show what Dodge was capable of. Outside the box thinking and power is why the Tomahawk had four wheels not because of fear of "deadly spins". I was working for Daimler Chrysler as a sales rep when the Tomahawk Showcased at the Autoshow. We were given a pamplet that explained the ins and outs a little of the tomahawk. This way we could answer some of the question we would recieve from customers who came by to admire it.


I just want to say that if you are skeptical then you should go to the forum! All your doubts will be wiped out while discussing this amazing Vehicle. I have been fortunate enough to be on this forum for a couple of weeks and I can honestly say my V1 can't come fast enough! I have been EXTREMELY IMPRESSED with Ian Bruce and the guys at Venture Vehicles. They have been very active in the forum and have answered Questions. They have even listened to suggestions from people who are interested in the V1. I have never seen a car company Big or Small be so intent on what the customer wants and ideas the customers have! I have been very impressed! Cheers to Ian and the Guys at Venture Vehicles I look forward to purchasing a Great Car in 2008. I would like to add that the engenious of Ian and Venture Vehicles is outstanding. By creating this forum and actively participating you are giving people the feel of being a real part of the developement of this vehicle and when it does come out in 2008 those who were involved in the forum will treat it like it is there baby as well! Kudos!

Sam Peacock

I just want to say that this vehcile is going to be the answer to alot of peoples prayers. I will most likely be driving further to work in the future and this will be the ticket. I can't wait for it to become availible to the public. Thanks Venture!




I have always been a big fan of full dress motorcycles, and had owned one for many years. However, I sold my last one because it was just not practical to do what I needed to do in a day. I enjoy having a fun ride to and from work, as well as having a way of staying dry. I saw this 3-wheel concept and can not wait till it hits the market. If a person is looking for somthing to use as a commute auto or a run around car or somthing else to have fun as well as usable, this is it. I would prefer that it be a flexfuel vehicle so as to be able to travel with out the worry of runnig out of energy with the batteries. I could see people having so much fun that they can't get enough time behind the wheel of these gems. Being older now I feel this is a great way of having the both a motorcycle with the safty of a vehicle. I will be purchasing one my self. I just pray that lawyers and cridics don't get in the way with there "what ifs".
As far as danger go's. You could be killed walking across the street to get your mail, or sitting in a coffee shop and some one walks in and go's postal on everyone. This concept is a wonderful idea and will work great as another form of transportation. There is a risk in eveything today. The more we worry the more restrictions are put on us. Having fun and doing it with comensence in the name of the game. I am looking forward to seeing these 3-wheelers every where.


Somthing I forgot is that I can see this vehicle being sold for 10k. If Suzuki can build the worlds fastest bike, and mass produce and retail to the public for under 10k I can see this as well. Don't forget while you are building this new 3-wheel car that you are building it for all the people not just the rich and famous. If G.M. would have built the hummer with the same idea in mind there would have been one in every garage in the U.S. The wounderful thing about us in the USA we like something new to have wether we use it or not. The more you sell the more successful you will be.


jimmy on the posting of the july 25th is wrong. those words of wisdom were mine. they entered under the wrong mane for some reason. just letting everyone know. thankyou.


Also when these come to market and you are looking to find dealerships, drop me a line. I have an outstanding location and have been looking for another business op. for a long time. Looking forward to hearing from you in Indiana.


It doesn't use gas. I don't care if it has a limited range. I drive under 20 miles per day on average. My mother and sister live 75 miles from me. It fits perfectly. I just want to be free from fossil fuel as much as possible. The United States only generates 2% of it's electricity from oil so plug in cars are no real issue for the near term. We can build more solar, wind power, and nuclear plants to keep up with the demand. I doubt there will be that much demand in my lifetime. The oil companies tend to squash this technology while thier Congressional puppets pay us lip service.


Dear sir

I would like to know if there is any probability ever for that great vehicle to come in Greece!
Please inform me!

Thank you

gary winslow

I currently have 2 Jeeps. I'm tired of putting out $40+ for a tank of gas (average 15 mpg) I've been looking for a realistic alternative. I've looked at so many alternative energy vehicles that either cost a fortune of are so ugly I wouldn't want to be seen in one (admittedly the Jeep is no raving beauty) The venture 3 wheel is what I've been looking for. Let me know when its available and where I can buy it. Gary

Harry Morgan

When can I get one?????????


ill trade my passat for one, hands down.


I think this looks great. I have a Harley, and love the ride. The best part is the lean. This leans with all 3 wheels in contact with the surface. If everyone just slowed down and watched the road instead of eating breakfast, texting, etc. the roads would be much safer.
I'l pick one up and try it in a minute.


I think this looks great. I have a Harley, and love the ride. The best part is the lean. This leans with all 3 wheels in contact with the surface. If everyone just slowed down and watched the road instead of eating breakfast, texting, etc. the roads would be much safer.
I'd pick one up and try it in a minute.

carl wamble

This is good. We really should capitalize on this and stomp the petroleum pimps who have been prostituting us for decades.

carl wamble

How fast can it go......and when is it available?????????????????????????

I like it. When will it come out? Where can you buy it. We need cars like that in a time like this.


it would appear that venture vehicles has closed up shop ian bruce has canceled his youtube account and pulled the venture 1 videos, venture vehicles has not replyed to it forum members in a couple of months and they havent replyed to emails from the forum members for the same amount of time. so it appears that what once was a nice thought was just that a nice thought.

I am very disappointed. I received an e-mail form the marketers asking preferences, I even indicated I would put as much as they requested on an advance to hold a unit for me in the first production run.

But now the links to the blogs and forums are svered from the web site..

I guess it was too good to be true.

Just the fact that it was an enclosed three wheeler made it attractive to me, as I could ride that in the car pool lanes here in Northern Ca.

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