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ABAT to Supply Lithium-Ion Polymer Battery Packs for 3,000 Electric Garbage Trucks in China

Advanced Battery Technologies (ABAT) has signed a sales contract with Beijing Guoqiang Global Technology Development Co., Ltd. (BGTDC) to supply a total of 3,000 sets of Polymer-Lithium-Ion (PLI) battery cell packs for use in 3,000 electric garbage trucks specially designed for the 2008 Olympic Games.

The first batch of 200 sets of PLI battery cell packs will be delivered in May 2007, with incremental deliveries until completion of the contract, or within one year. 2007. The contract is worth RMB 81,000,000 or about US $10,000,000.

According to BGTDC, these all-electric sanitation trucks will be showcased for the 2008 Olympics Games by the Beijing Olympics Committee and will feature a permanent magnetic brushless DC motor.

The ABAT PLI batteries use lithium cobalt oxide anodes.



Anyone have the specs on these batteries?


Nothing seems to be given. From their website the basic spec for their transportation use cells seems to be:

150Ah (0.555kWh)
75A rated output
450A max output
> 700 charge cycles @ 1C, 100% DOD

Of note, 3000 packs for $10m is $3333/pack. Sure would be nice to know what the capacity is...

Harvey D.

If you assume a minimum of 50 Kwh for a small electric garbage truck, the price per Kwh could be as low as $66.66.

When mass produced, the battery price could fall below $30/Kwh.

The 25 Kwh battery pack for an average PHEV could cost as little as $30 x 25 = $750.

Who said that battery cost was the problem.

A Toyota Prius PHEV with Chinese lithium batteries would not cost more than the current Prius Hybrid.


Harvey, what I have seen is that Toyota already has built a new plant in China that will produce the Prius and that the plant manager is itching to start up the assembly line for plug-in hybrids. You combine Toyota engineering with the global market development that ABAT has undertaken and you might forecast a fast seller.

If I were any less ethical, I might think of starting an enterprise of shanghaiing out-of-work American auto workers and trading them for this new product -- maybe offer a special discount at certain Chinese take-outs and slip the phenobarb into the General Tso's -- whaddya think?


The first thing that popped out at me was the cost of the batteries. Quite low in the BEV world. I'm going to contact ABAT to get more info. I'll post what I get...


Harvey, any conclusion is only as good as the assumptions. Your assumption of 50 kWh isn't unreasonable for an all-electric truck, depending on size (anybody seen a Chinese garbage truck- does it have 3 wheels by chance?). The cost number seems like investor bait to me. Even Saft has stretched its cost goal for lithium cells for automotive down to $250/kWh. Add the pack parts and that can easily add 50 to 80%. Incredible claims require incredible proof. Nevertheless, when and if 3,000 electric garbage trucks hit the streets, the real world data should be helpful to assess the issues of safety.


Is there going to be a time when the the battery pack will be sold to shops that are building electric vehicles and what kind of will they be sold for. thank you Dave at Raymond Repairs.

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