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Chery to Introduce A1 at Shanghai Show; First Product with Chrysler

The Chery A1.

China’s Chery Automobile announced that it will introduce its first product developed in collaboration with the Chrysler Group, the new A1 model, at the Shanghai auto show in April.

The A1 will be the first of at least six small vehicle models to be manufactured by Chery with the cooperation of Chrysler under their collaborative production plan for small vehicles, according to the People’s Daily.

The Chery A1 is an updated subcompact model of the Chery QQ with a 1.3-liter gasoline engine.

The Chrysler Group previously reached an agreement with Chery to distribute Chery-made small vehicles internationally to tap the small vehicle sector in the US more quickly with less capital spending. (Earlier post.) The new model will probably be sold under the Dodge brand in the North America market, Shanghai Securities News reported.



I told you SOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

Each of the big three will do this sort of thing because thats how they can sell a small car and profit from it. Hell gm has what 75000 workers now in china? Plenty of workforce to make all the itty bitty cars the us market can handlr. And the more important chinese market as well...


Oh yeah because everybody wants a chinese made dodge. LOL. I would rather walk.


LOL, I would rather have an American company survive. I think we can thank the unions for bringing the workforce offshore. There's nothing like protecting laborers from natural market forces. Eventually money talks, and if you don't believe that, you've never owned your own business! Americans have become a lazy bunch. We want to live the high life without actually working for it. This is the result of just that mentality.


Sadly, the 1.3L engine in this lump probably is about as efficient as the 1.8L and 2.0L engines in the Japanese and a few American cars but with much less horsepower.


''Sadly, the 1.3L engine in this lump probably is about as efficient as the 1.8L and 2.0L engines in the Japanese and a few American cars but with much less horsepower.''

Proof? Or are you just bitching for the sake of it?


Anon: Skepticism of Chinese manufacturing quality is not necessarily based on xenophobia. The biggest critic I know of current manufacturing practices in China is from Beijing. I'm sure the quality will improve as their domestic consumers become wealthier and more discerning.



Do they not have a Harbor Freight near you?

I bought some punches that would bend on the first blow, but maybe the chinese didn´t realize I was going to take an american hammer to them.



Well James,

The only evidence I can offer is that the Korean 1.6L engines (think Accent and Rio) get worse gas mileage and have less power than the Honda and Toyota 1.8L engines which are both in MUCH heavier vehicles (500lbs heavier).

Do you honestly believe, with less quality control and development time that the Chinese vehicles would even match the Korean cars (which happen to be behind the Japanese vehicles).

The only thing I can "prove" is that I just received the worst batch of transistors I have ever come across in my life from China.


Yo do know alot of high quality parts come from china too? Its just that ;pw quality parts are cheaper and many things the chinese make now are ONLY abu cheap.

I am sure if they are making the cars for the us market they will make sure they meet muster after all they will likely be sold with a 10 year 150k warnatee after all.


big european car makers have been dumping their old out of date engine designs in China for many years now !


''Well James,

The only evidence I can offer is that the Korean 1.6L engines (think Accent and Rio) get worse gas mileage and have less power than the Honda and Toyota 1.8L engines which are both in MUCH heavier vehicles (500lbs heavier).''

I just checked, the Rio and Accent get the same mpg as the Civic. Despite being larger cars.


An awful lot of what we buy is made in China, even if it does not brag about it - and most of it is fine.
The guys will get better and better at building cars, so beware.
The main problem will be the demand on oil and C02 emissions as the number of Chinese (and Indians) driving skyrockets.
But it is their choice - we can hardly ask them not to drive so people in the west can contine to do so.



You are not fooling anyone.

www.fueleconomy.gov, www.hyundaiusa.com, www.honda.com, www.kia.com, www.toyota.com

Hyundai Accent: 32/35 (manual) 28/37 (auto) 110hp, 106ft-lbs 1.6L "Middleweight model" 2450/2500 lbs weight (manual/auto)
Kia Rio: 32/35 (manual) 29/38 (auto) 110hp, 107ft-lbs 1.6L 2365/2403 lbs (manual/auto)
Honda Civic: 30/38 (manual) 30/40 (auto) 140hp, 128ft-lbs, 1.8L "Middleweight model" 2680/2750 lbs weight (manual/auto)
Toyota Corolla: 32/41 (manual) 30/38 (auto) 126hp, 122ft-lbs, 1.8L 2550/2615lbs weight.

So make that, cars 200-300lbs lighter with smaller engines putting out less horsepower are completely unable to keep up with gas mileage with a manual transmission and just barely manage to hit less mileage with the auto tranny.

...and then you see the rest of the story where the 1/4 mile acceleration of the auto tranny kia and hyundai are almost 2 seconds slower than the toyota and honda. The manual tranny versions don't fare much better being about a full second slower in the 1/4 mile. www.caranddriver.com, www.motortrend.com, www.autoweek.com, road & track


Chinese can (and actually do) produce a lot of things of good quality. It is our retailers who order to China the cheapest goods possible – disregard to quality. Technology and supervision of respectable company is the key to quality product, not the place of manufacturing. Intel memory chips produced in Taiwan, or Toyota vehicles assembled in Mexico are just the example.

For minimum power and torque requirements to assure acceptable performance there is optimum engine displacement. Both smaller and bigger engines are less economical in average operation. Two things are of most importance: engines of less than 0.4 l per cylinder suffer from too high thermal losses to surface of combustion chamber (power output of engine is function of cube of linear dimensions, and heat transfer is dependent on combustion chamber area, which is function of square of linear dimensions; smaller engines have higher area/volume ratio). Second thing is that mechanical losses are function of RPM, and this function is higher than linear. That means that it is better to have slower rotating engine with bigger displacement than higher RPM engine with smaller displacement – to some extend, of course. For current engine technology, for small cars optimum displacement is around 1.6 l, for subcompact it is close to 1.8 l.

In many countries, like Japan, smaller displacement is preferred because very high vehicle registration fees are progressively higher for bigger displacement engines.


Looks like the brainwashers have been at work again.

Like it or not, the US is currently declining and China is ascending.

If they can build and export a car to the US that has good mpg and reliability for a lower price than Ford or GM, I would buy it in a heartbeat.


Here in México there are some cars made in Brazil.
But, some of them have poor quality.
Therefore some people prefer vehicles assembled in México.
During some recent years, GM México used to import the Astra from Brazil, and GM received many complains from Astra buyers. So now GM México is importing the Astra from Europe.
Another poor quality vehicle from Brazil is the small SUV Ford "Eco Sport".
The Honda Accord assembled in México has very good quality and so some VW models.
GM trucks made in México are very good too.
I presume that in Brazil there are some parts suppliers which make poor quality products: tires, hoses, belts, alternators, plastics, sealing elements...



You mean Chinese yearly GDP growth of 10% is bigger than US 3% ? Or US GDP increase from 1990 to 2005 of 53% is less than Chinese 286% or S.Korea 116% ?

It is true, but to catch-up is always easier than to be the leader. Japanese less than 20% and W.European less then 30% growth of GDP from 1990 to 2005 tell us that US (and Canada with 47%) are doing just fine.



You are not fooling anyone. blah blah blah...''

Did you look on fueleconomy.gov? Did you notice that the combined mpg was the same, like I said?

And how much more does the Honda and Toyota cost compared to the korean cars? I would expect the more expensive car to perform better.


Are you blind or what? you read blah, blah, blah when I wrote THE numbers from fueleconomy.gov on the friggin blog here. Did you notice the numbers I posted????

And how much more reliable are the Honda and Toyota? And how much more equipment do you get on the Honda and Toyota? And how much higher quality are the general materials and workmanship?

You "would expect the more expensive car to perform better" so you obviously concede the point and give in to my original viewpoint. The 1.3L engine in these Chinese cars are not likely to get much better gas mileage than the sub-compacts we can buy right now with much larger engines.


Lucas, The US is not in decline. The big three make great products, they just consume too much gasoline. Let's not confuse the issues.


Maybe it's the time of year or something, but the posts seem to be pretty combative of late. You can just feel the love goin' round here!


Patrick, yes I noticed the numbers you posted. They back up what I said.

As for reliablility, Hyundai offers a 5 year warranty.

The only point you seem to have made is that if you pay more for your car you should get better performance and features, something that no one is really arguing with.


"Lucas, The US is not in decline. The big three make great products, they just consume too much gasoline. Let's not confuse the issues." - Richard

The "big three" has become to moderate two. Chrysler is now foreign owned and they are so desperate to get it off their books thay are trying to give it away.
Toyota will almost certainly pass GM this year, just as they passed Ford last year.

And that's just automobiles.

Don't confuse your love for our country. An awareness of what is being done to it by the traitors in power requires careful attention.


These are all multinatioals. Ford and gm have been spending billions in other markets. Markets far more valued then the us .

Fact is this IS the best way for them to make small cars and make cars for the us market and that was obvious over a decade ago.

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