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China May Top US in Carbon Emissions in 2007

Reuters. China may overtake the US this year as the world’s biggest emitter of carbon dioxide, according to estimates from the US Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center (CDIAC).

China’s emissions rose by some 10% in 2005, he estimated, while Beijing data shows fuel consumption rose more than 9% in 2006, suggesting China would easily outstrip the US this year, long before forecasts.

On a per capita basis, however, the US will likely retain the lead for some time. UN data for 2003 put the US on top at 20 tonnes per capita against China’s 3.2 tonnes and a world average of 3.7.



When people wnt to make the us look bad they always use per capita. They always avoid per gdp or per unit of manufactured goods.

Even today the us I beleive makesmore stuff then china and europe combined. Not bad for a country with 1/5th the population.


But doesn't China get special treatment 'cause they're... poor, communist and Chinese?


No they get special treatment because thier powerful big and have big ass guns.

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