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Congressman Proposes Tax Credits for Purchase of Plug-in Hybrids

American-Statesman. US Representative Lloyd Doggett (D-TX) filed a bill that would offer $3,000 to $6,150 in tax credits for people who buy new plug-in hybrid passenger cars.

Doggett, who helps set tax policy from his seat on the Ways and Means Committee, said the bill reflects his promise to help the City of Austin carry out its plan to get plug-in hybrids on the mass market.

ThePlug-in Partners program gets cities and organizations to commit to buying plug-in hybrids to demonstrate demand for the technology. More than 8,300 cars have been “pre-ordered” nationwide.



This is great...all we need now is a plug-in to purchase!


Dollars to donuts this will not include 3-wheeled vehicles, just to cut the VentureOne out.


I would like to see a single tax credit that covers all fuel efficient vehicles, be they PHEV, HEV, diesel or gas. The current hybrid/CNG credit rewards the purchase of any hybrid, while providing no incentive for those who cannot afford a hybrid to buy something like a Corolla.

Sky King

I believe this is a State Tax Credit for Texas, not a Federal rebate.


The full text of the bill is now available HERE

Sky King

Terriffic! It is Federal - now to be one of the first 100,000 in order to get it. And I would hope it is refundable instead of non-refundable so you can actually get a tax refund to put towards the purchase.


The bill does indeed rule out the VentureOne, because it restricts the benefit to passenger cars (the VentureOne will be registered as a motorcycle) and the battery must be a minimum of 4 kWh (the VentureOne hybrid will have a 3 kWH battery).

This timing is suspicious.  If this bill is an attempt to get people to forego a shot at a VentureOne in order to wait for a Chevy Volt (which will burn twice as much fuel) and an associated tax break, it could not be written better.  Not that I'm saying it is, but I'd sure love to know who this congressman's campaign contributors are and what they want from him.

factory rat

E-P you are a bit (but not totally) paranoid here. Doggett's interest here is generated (no pun) by his relationship with the utility folks in Austin, which is a part of his district. Doggett could care less about GM or the Volt; plus its 50 - 50 that he even knows much about specific models.

My bet is that it would not be too hard, working with Austin Energy and perhaps EVA, to get the language changed. You have time, since it is not likely to get a vote in the full House anytime soon.

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