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DaimlerChrysler Includes New 2007 Sprinter in Plug-in Hybrid Program

The 2007 Dodge Sprinter.

DaimlerChrysler is expanding its concept plug-in hybrid program to include the all-new 2007 Dodge Sprinter. 

Up to 20 Dodge Sprinter Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV) will be placed in the United States between now and the first quarter of 2008 as part of a test-fleet program. (Earlier post.)  Four of the vehicles, built on the previous-generation Dodge Sprinter, already are in operation with customers.

The 2007 Sprinter, introduced in February, is longer, wider and taller than its predecessors. The new models are powered by a choice of two all-new engines, a 3.0-liter V-6 diesel engine with 154 hp (115 kW) or 3.5-liter V-6 gasoline engine with 254 hp (189 kW).

A number of the Dodge Sprinter PHEVs will be equipped with lithium-ion batteries that are about half the weight and have much greater storage capacities when compared with nickel-metal hydride batteries. The vehicles will yield technical information through real-world driving conditions about lifetime, performance and cost of batteries.

The Dodge Sprinter PHEV has the capacity for 20 miles all-electric range (AER). A switch on the dashboard gives the operator the ability to manually switch between modes as needed, or automatically by the vehicle control system. Two different combustion engines are being offered in the Dodge Sprinter PHEV: diesel or gasoline. The diesel version will yield the highest fuel economy benefit and is the first fleet test of a diesel plug-in hybrid system.

DaimlerChrysler remains the only auto manufacturer currently evaluating a variety of plug-in hybrid powertrain (diesel and gas) configurations in real-world, customer-operation service within the United States.



Now You're talking. I can see that a PHEV like this would be great for the package delivery business, (i.e. Fed Ex, UPS, DHL). I hope they can get these to work. I wonder if this program would continue if Chrysler were sold? Or even who would keep the technology, Chrysler or Mercedes? I believe the Sprinter is a Mercedes design, imported to the U.S. to be sold as Dodges. Does anyone know if I am correct in saying that? By the way, does anybody out there want to buy Chrysler? :)


Great for small schoolbuses. And for anyone with more than 5 children (we need imigration, and the best imigration is from within).


Abraham: what world do you live in that couples should have more than 2 children? This planet can't support more than 2 to 4 billion people in a comfortable lifestyle (and I'm not talking wealthy either) and still leave room for the rest of nature.

on topic: I can't help thinking that HEVs (or even BEVs) would be good for rural mail delivery.

Rafael Seidl

Abraham -

the Sprinter is a delivery van. It has no second row of seats nor any windows behind the B-pillar. Pity the children who would get thrown in the back.

On the upside, the weight of those batteries should help lower the center of gravity quite a bit. Depending on where they put them, it should also help weight distribution - just in case you want to go around corners really, really fast (relatively speaking). If you're a pedestrian, that Dodge Sprinter could quickly become a case of dodge-the-Sprinter. But heck, at least the pizza will be there in less than 30 minutes, right?


Let's hope that this time this is not another marketing campaigns to sell ordinary vehichles.

joseph padula

Sprinter is offered with more seata and windows.

My generation tried the only two children idea and so did Europe. We both have illegal immigration problems since business craves cheap labor.
They do jobs "no american wants" because the pay is low. Without the illegals the wages would go up, or they will invent a machine to do it. Econ 101.

The D's want voters and the R's want cheap labor.
PS You do not have to round up 12 million, just stop employing them. They will go home. Or let in more legals, the line to get in is long from all over the world, not just the walkers.

Rafael Seidl

Joseph -

to get back on topic: if you need a cheap ride for a family of five or more, a Sprinter PHEV would not be your first choice. First off, it's a Mercedes even if it will be rebadged as a Dodge in the US. Second, it's got expensive traction batteries. The depreciation premium will likely swamp whatever fuel cost savings you achieve, at least in the first one or two iterations of the technology. With so many mouths to feed, subsidizing drivetrain R&D might not be at the top of your priority list.

In Europe, especially in the formerly Communist East, large families are flocking to bare-bones people carriers like the Dacia Logan MCV 1.6L gasoline variant, which gets 7.5L/100km (~31 MPG US) in the NEDC test cycle. The diesel comes in a 5.3L/100km (~44 MPG US). Performance of this Renault-designed vehicle is nothing to write home about but it's spacious as well as cheap to buy and operate.

Harvey D.

This medium size Sprinter van/bus would sell well in some areas of Canada and may be just large enough for our new enlarged families:

Some provinces plan to promote larger families with $100/week per child not attending the government subsidised $7/day day care nurseries + a Federal encouragement grant of $100/month per child (up to 18 years old) + up to $1500/month per unemployed unwed single mothers.

One of our neighbour arrived with his four ladies and many children. He quickly declared one as his official wife (to satify Canadian laws) and the other three as unemployed, unwed, single mothers to get the extra $4500/month. There are no real limits on the number of unwed single mothers under the same roof. If your house is large enough and your heart is strong enough you may keep many more to increase your total revenues. Every lady must have at least one child to qualify for the $1500/month grant.

Eventually, two or three extended wheelbase Sprinters may be required to take the children to school, but again, free school buses are available everywhere. Home schooling is allowed and two or three of the ladies may even get paid as home based teachers. (part-time only, less than 15 hours/week, not to lose the $1500 grant)

Our extremely low birth rate (1.22) has already gone up to (1.60 in 2006) and should reach the objective of (2.10+) whithin a few more years, or as long the government surpluses last. Five to ten $$ per tar sand oil barrel could keep this wonderful program going for years.

Let's hope that our neighbours will keep driving more and more gas guzzlers. Otherwise our new enlarged families may suffer.


Alberta has nice law: “Do not feed wildlife”.

Should be made federal.


Why a van. These are commercial vehicles used for several hours per day. Thewy can be charged up at night and within 30 minutes they're using their diesel as a standard hybrid.

Surely the initial target market for hybrids is small second cars that rarely do more than 15 miles per day.


Love the PHEV...sorry to see that smooth 5-cylinder 2.7 turbodiesel go though. Why complicate, widen, fatten things with a V6?



reason for a v6 (other than more power) is that they are easier to balance for greater reliability, power, torque, etc. the odd number of cylinders in a 5 cylinder causes issues with balance and requires extra parts to counteract the wierdness of odd-number of cylinders. why is a 3-cylinder a decent engine, then? because it's smaller, frankly. smaller, and therefore easier to repair. also, the v6 saves the need for retooling factories to build the rare 5 cylinder motors.

my opinion: i'm completely in agreement. why v6? they could just as well go with a slightly larger than usual i4, couldn't they? or even like the Volt, power the wheels with electricity, and power the motor with some kind of fuel.

James Ellis Sr.

Why the focus on hybrids? How about using EV's, the GM selectra force was ready to go to a 300 mile range with li-ion batteries and the oiligarchs killed the program and crushed them! Now people need to tell oil to go to uranus like buttheads they are and leave our Earth alone for us humans and nature to enjoy! Seriously we could have solar panels on carroofs charging EV's while they sit, turbine wind generating spoilers charging them as they drive and that would make for very little plug in time required, jus ttakes a willingness and auto company boards not owned by oiligarchs who also own stock in oil companies!

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