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German Biomethane Programs Expanding

NGV Global. German energy company REWAG, together with Schmack Energieholding, is to start investing €50 million (US$66 million) into biomethane production sites, the goal being to make the region of Regensburg the leading German ‘Landkreis’ for biomethane.

The planned investments are spread over five plants, each with a capacity of 5 MW (about 4 million Nm3 annually). Plants of this size are similar to larger sized plants already in operation in Sweden and the total planned supply is enough to fuel some 20,000 cars.

Separately, E.ON Bioerdgas GmbH, a new company with head offices in Essen, was formed with the purpose of injecting biomethane into the German natural gas grid.

STAWAG (Stadtwerke Aachen), meanwhile has begun injection of biomethane into the local NGW owned grid in two different locations.


John Baldwin

All this is zero CO2.

So 20,000 cars on zero CO2 wil allow sales of 20,000 cars on 240 g/km....keeping to the EU average of 120 g/km.

Set to take off big time.

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