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Kansas Governor Signs Carbon Sequestration Bill

Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius has signed a bill that provides incentives for the underground sequestration of carbon dioxide.

Among other things, the bill provides incentives by allowing any carbon dioxide capture, sequestration and utilization property and any electric generation unit which captures and sequesters all carbon dioxide and other emissions to be exempt from all property taxes for a period of five taxable years following completion of construction or installation of the property.




The CO2 polluters should pay the full price of sequestration without any subsidies and sequestrating should eventually be mandatory. If it turns out to be too expensive to produce electricity in that way compared to wind turbines then they should do the obvious.


We have to ramp up to the "full price" scenario of sequestration
at some point. If this is the cheapest/fastest way through subsidies, then so be it. I think Coal and its investors, are
going to like this approach, as it gives a sunset provision to their ongoing operations. I don't think this will diminish the
likelihood, of more facilities comming on line, in the near future. I wish the mining industries didn't have so much lobbying influence, but they aren't going away anytime soon, so
better get used to seeing fewer mountain tops and valley vistas.


You people wont be happy until we go back to horse and buggy and are living in the stone age. The world is getting warmer but it is not because of humans. The earth goes through cycles - hot periods to ice ages. The last ice age didnt end because dinosaurs were driving too many SUVs. It has to deal with increased solar activity. This is the same reason Mars, Jupiter's moons, and even Pluto have noticeable warming currently. The current solar cycle will peak in 2012 and gradually go back down. Please stop with this socialist mentality and quit pushing this myth!


CEO: climate change theory is about science, not politics. There happen to be right wing people who are listening to the science and left wing skeptics. The main difference between right and left wing people concerned about the potential for large scale economic and ecological harm from climate change is their proposed method of dealing with the problem.
This is not a left wing plot, and (almost) nobody is trying to take you back to the stone ages. What we are searching for here is a way to move into the future in a way that gives us even better and cleaner ways of getting around.

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