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Mazda to Introduce Hydrogen Hybrid By FY08

The Nikkei reports that Mazda will introduce a hybrid version of a hydrogen-fueled rotary engined vehicle in 2008. (Earlier post.)

The automaker also reportedly plans a diesel engine version of its Demio subcompact, which will be fully remodeled this spring. Mazda intends to market this version in Europe, where half the vehicles are diesels.

The report comes in the context of Mazda’s plans to increase fiscal 2008 domestic production by about 15% from the fiscal 2006 level. Mazda will provide more details in its medium-term business plan to start in fiscal 2007, which will be announced Thursday.


John Baldwin

Don't like the look of that - on a well to wheels basis, the CO2 emissions will be terible. If you live in the Maldives, better put your wellies on.

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