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Novozymes Opens Midwest Solutions Center

Novozymes, a leader in applying advanced enzyme technology to the production of ethanol from corn and agricultural residue, has established a Midwest Customer Solutions Center in Ames, Iowa, in order to better serve its customer base in the biofuels industry.

The Center, located at the Iowa State University Research Park in Ames, will provide regionalized support and technical service to customers beginning in April. Customer training programs will be implemented upon the building’s completion, expected in July 2007.

The focus of the site will be to provide regionally-based know-how and services to Novozymes’ customer base in the Midwest, with an emphasis on support and training to plants using enzyme products to convert starches into fuel ethanol.

Additionally, the location can support ongoing research and development projects as Novozymes develops technologies which are helping to make cellulosic ethanol commercially viable.


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