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Saab Adds BioPower To Entire 9-3 Range; Engine Optimized for E85

Power and torque curves for the new BioPower 1.8t. Click to enlarge.

Saab will introduce flex-fuel options to its entire 9-3 range, including Sport Sedan, SportCombi and Convertible bodystyles, at the Geneva auto show. With this introduction, Saab will offer BioPower variants throughout its core product line-up.

The new 9-3 BioPower turbocharged 1.8t engine delivers 17% more maximum power (175 hp/129 kW v 150 hp/111 kW) and 10% more torque (265 v 240 Nm) running on E85 than on gasoline. In the 9-3 Sport Sedan, that translates to projected zero to 100 kph acceleration in 8.4 sec and 80 to 120 kph in fifth gear in 13.9 sec, compared to 9.5 sec and 15.0 sec, respectively, on gasoline.

E85 has a higher octane rating (104 RON) than gasoline (95 RON), and turbocharging with Saab BioPower allows the use of a higher boost pressure and more advanced ignition timing than is possible with gasoline.

This gives more engine power, without risk of pre-detonation (knocking). A naturally-aspirated flex-fuel engine has only a fixed compression ratio and cannot realize the true performance potential of bioethanol fuel.

Saab’s 32-bit Trionic 8 engine management system controls the throttle setting, ignition timing, fuel injection, air mass and turbo boost pressure. It is a platform that has facilitated software re-programming to accommodate the different ignition timing and fuel/air mixture requirements of E85. The only hardware modifications necessary to the all-aluminum Saab 9-3 engine are the fitment of more durable valves and valve seats.

9-3 BioPower
Power 150 hp (111 kW)
@ 5,500 rpm
175 hp (129 kW)
@5,500 rpm
Peak torque 240 Nm (177 lb-ft)
@2,000-3,500 rpm
265 Nm (195 lb-ft)
@2,500-4,000 rpm
Max boost pressure 0.48 bar 0.55 bar
Fuel consumption (combined) 7.7 l/100km (man.)
8.5 l/100km (auto)
No certification figures available.

Saab is the biggest seller of flex-fuel cars in Europe. In Sweden, a growing network of more than 650 E85 fuel pumps is already established and a total of 800 pumps, covering 25% of the country’s filling stations, is targeted by the end of 2008.

E85 has already entered the market in Germany, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Switzerland, Holland and Belgium, with other countries expected to follow. And in France, the government has targeted the establishment of 500 pumps this year throughout the country.



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