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Nova Scotia to Introduce Tailpipe Greenhouse Gas Standards by 2010

Transport Canada Buys Two Hybrid Technologies Converted EVs for Evaluation

Transport Canada is purchasing a converted electric PT Cruiser and smart car from Hybrid Technologies for evaluation under the new ecoTechnology for Vehicles Program.

The program supports the in-depth testing and publishing of the safety and environmental performance of a range of emerging technologies for use in light-duty vehicles.

Transport Canada will evaluate the fuel efficiency, emissions and safety performance of subject vehicles, identify the market potential of advanced technologies, identify barriers to using advanced technologies and proposing solutions, and raisr public awareness of the advanced technologies available on current vehicles and vehicles of the future.

Transport Canada is the federal government department responsible for most of the transportation policies, programs and goals set by the Government of Canada to ensure that the national transportation system is safe, efficient and accessible to all its users.



yay more power to the EV's... maybe Harper will wake the **** up and stop putting tax dollars into the "fake" hydrogen economy and instead maybe putting dollars into something that does matter.

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