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UAW Calls for Incentives for US Hybrids and Clean Diesels

As President Bush visited plants where GM assembles the Saturn Aura Green Line Hybrid and Ford the Escape Hybrid, the United Autoworkers Union (UAW) called for federal action to encourage investment in domestic production of hybrid and advanced diesel vehicles.

The UAW supports a “Marshall Plan” to stimulate new investment in the US auto industry, which would include a tax credit to any manufacturer who builds advanced technology vehicles and their key components in the United States.

Union members are concerned that many key components of hybrid drivetrain technology are now produced overseas. Current US law provides a tax credit to consumers who purchase any hybrid vehicle, even if the vehicle and/or its key components are produced overseas.

That means our tax policy is actually subsidizing overseas production. We think it makes more sense to provide incentives to build advanced technology vehicles and their key components right here at home.

—Jim Wells, director of UAW Region 5


joseph padula

When the 3 stooges start building cars people want, they will not need socialist intervention by the government.
Chrysler should have gone under the last time. It is a Germany company anyway so they will not be eligible for the welfare right? Oh yeah, they are being sold to a US company soon so they qualify for a relief check.
GM gave away the many year EV technology advantage away to the Japanese, remember the ev-1 was first designed in 1989 as the impact. {In retrospect almost an act of treason considering how much imported oil, foriegn policy, war,and jobs were given away to make the next years profits.
Clinton gave away a billion or so to the 3 stooges partnership to get a car in the 1990's but they produced nothing.
GM bought Hughs,
Perrot's compuyer company etc. But crushed the only program that could have worked,ev-1.
What would an ev-1 with a smaller battery and an auxillary pzev engine be?
The Volt? Only a decade too late...
Toyota will only move production here and qualify too.
GM is over untill they rid themselves of all top management and let the poor engineers go to work. Can you imagine what it must be like for those poor guys spending careers making that junk?
GM recently said something Recently like all cars are alike and get the same milage so we are working on trendy designs with
malibu california designers.

Spokane Walt

Dear GM and the UAW:

General Motors has vehicle Designs that would sell here in the United States if they brought them to the US and Sold them. Visit

It is that simple.

Do you thank anyone would by a 7 passenger minivan that got 31 MPG City and 46 MPG Highway(7.4L/100km and 5.1L/100km) on Diesel? The gas version doesn't do to bad either at about 29 City and 39 freeway.

Heck, GM doesn't sell a Car in the US that gets 39 freeway - let alone a compact minivan! The tin can Chevrolet Aveo is 37 highway (max) - which is less than a 1997 Saturn SL got (it was 40 highway) - So the car got smaller, less comfortable, and more expensive and still gets worse gas milage than a 12 year old design... Hmm, I wonder why GM is going broke. I have personally driven both cars, and if I had to pick one to drive, it would be the 1997 Saturn SL 4 door sedan.


The UAW are stooges of Detroit management. At least twice that I can remember, when there was legislation up for vote to increase CAFE, the UAW backed management.



We do not have European diesels here for a couple reasons:

1) They are unable to meet Lev II/Tier 2 bin 5 emissions regulations. Our NOx emissions regs are 1/6 that of Europe's, for instance.

2) We only got Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel last year, which makes more advanced NOx reduction technologies much more practical. But even the tech we do have only barely meets the regs.

The fact is that your 1997 SL2 was built under a rather different regulatory environment than now exists.

Oh, and have you looked at Saturn lately? They're bringing over the Opel Astera to replace the Ion, and the Aura is already on sale. Both are basically rebadged Opels.

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