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US Sales of Hybrids Up 52% In February; Best Month Ever for Prius

Total hybrid sales. Click to enlarge.

Combined sales of hybrids in the US rose 54% in February to more than 22,792 22,998 units, up 52% from the results in February 2006. The figures do not include sales of GM hybrids, which the automaker does not yet break out, but do reflect the addition of the Nissan Altima Hybrid, now sold in eight states.

Total light-duty vehicle sales in the US dropped 0.5% in February year-on-year to 1,254,924 units, according to Autodata. Passenger car sales dropped 1.4% in February, and light truck sales increased 0.2%. Hybrids thus represented 1.83% of the US LDV market, the highest monthly figure yet.

Hybrid market share. Click to enlarge.

The Toyota Prius had its best month ever, posting 12,227 units, an 87% increase over February 2006 results. That represents 54% of all hybrids sold in the month. The Toyota Camry Hybrid came in with 3,332 units, representing 10.4% of all Camry models sold in the month. Sales of the Highlander Hybrid were down 28% to 1,892 units, representing 20.2% of all Highlanders sold.

Sales of the Lexus Rx 400h dropped 31% to 1,249 units, representing 17.6% of all Rx 350/400 models sold. The GS 450h racked up 160 units for 91.4% of all GS 430/450h models sold, and 10.2% of all GS models (including the GS 300).

Hybrids as a component of brand sales. Click to enlarge.

The Honda Civic Hybrid saw its sales climb 8% to 1,924 units, representing 9.6% of the entire range. Sales of the Accord Hybrid were down 60% to 312 units, or 1.0% of the Accord range.

Ford saw sales of its Escape and Mariner hybrids increase 26% to 1,696 units, representing 15.4% of the combined models.

Nissan’s new Altima Hybrid, on sale in only eight states, posted 206 units in its first month of sales. That represented 0.9% of all Altimas sold in all 50 states.

Hybrid_sales_feb07_4_1 Hybrid_sales_feb07_5
Sales of hybrid cars. Click to enlarge. Sales of hybrid SUVs. Click to enlarge.



Hybrid SUV sales seem to be trending downward. Are all SUV sales also trending downward? At a faster or slower rate than the hybrids? In other words, is there a "Hybrid Percentage of Total US LDV Sales" chart specifically for SUVs?


I haven't broken it out like that, and haven't been compiling conventional SUV numbers across all automakers. However, just to look at Feb, overall light truck sales in the US increased 0.2% and hybrid SUV sales dropped 19% from 5,775 to 4,837 Feb 06 to Feb 07.

Overall passenger car sales in the US dropped 1.4% year on year, but hybrid car sales climbed 98%. The vast majority of that increase is the large growth in Prius sales and the availability of the Camry Hybrid in 2007 (it wasn't yet on the market in Feb 06).


The shallow trendy people have moved on to something else or are about to at least so now all the real sub USERS are glutted wth good deals on used suvs.

Considering how much smaller the USERS of suvs were market wise then the trenfy owners of same the market is gona be glutted for awhile.

Now unlike trend owners a real user right now doesnt need or want hybrids because of course they dont actauly USE the suv that much any more then they used say a king cab truck that much before.


Thumbs Up:
GM Feb 2007 auto sales numbers up 3+% vs Feb 2006...
Thumbs Down:
mostly due to higher SUV and Light Truck sales.


Hybrid SUV, please. A 20% improvement of 15 mpg is 17 mpg. I owned an SUV and when gas started costing me over $280 per month just to drive to work, that was enough. Now I pay about $60. I am sure a large portion of the population feels the same way. Those numbers weren't even $3 gas. I saw the writing on the wall.

Say good night GM.

Max Reid

Great news.

Contrary to earlier news, the hybrid sales are actually increasing. Significant thing is that the hybrids have captured 1.8% of the auto market.

Nissan : If they can sell 206 units in 8 states, they can hit 1,000 if they sell in all states. Nice to see Nissan announcing it separately.

Toyota : Seems they have sold 900,000 hybrid vehicles (650,000 Prius)

GM : Sad that they are not announcing sales of their Vue Hybrid.

Another important factor in Feb sales is that the truck based SUV and minivan sales have gone down, while the CUV sales increased.

March month should see increased Hybrid sales as gas prices have started to climb.


I wonder how much the numbers reflect production capacity for hybrids, not user demand. I shopped for a Highlander Hybrid in August 05, but couldn't get one without a long wait and a VERY large dealer markup. Things are better now, but is Toyota still production constrained?


I would think it's safe to say that when gas is over $3/gallon this summer, you'll see over 30,000 hybrids per month sold. Alot of the increased Prius sales were due to the first time ever incentives from Toyota.

If the recent news that Saudi Arabia's output is starting to falter is combined with some other instabiities, the US could very easily average $3.50-4 per gallon. If that happens, you'll send record numbers of bicycles sold, more scooters and of course lots more hybrids sold.

For GM's sake, I hope they are serious with the production vehicle based on the Volt by 2010 like they claim. Tesla's cars will be flying off the proverbial shelves in 2009.

Any news on Toyota's commitment to a PHEV within the next 2-3 years??? Anyone know???

Chrysler is doomed.
Ford- they might be able to survive high gas prices because their styling has gotten so much better recently, especially with them bringing over their European styled models to the US soon.


If my friends are any indcation I expect suvs will be glutted for quite some time.

They all upgraded from trucks to USED suvs. Now each of them has room for 3-4 cars so they dont have to deal with the 2 car 2 job limit many do. But they are very happy when they do use em.

What we realy need is free safe parking for confy small yet safe cummuter cars so that 2 job fams can have 2 cummter cars and still have the suv for the monthlyoutings and semi yearly vacation trips.

Harvey D.


Your predictions may come true this summer (and for the next two or three years), if oil reaches $70 - $80.

By 2010-12, with the arrival of PHEVs + large quantities of biofuels, the price of crude oil may ease off to the current price.

The positive side, $4+/gal would help to offset the higher price paid for PHEVs. Many would buy them without other major financial incentives.

Bud Johns

As of a few months ago, I actually saw 4 Prius on the dealer's lot. That's the first time I've ever seen unsold Prius since second gen came out in '04. If Toyota had known how popular it was going to be, they could easily have sold at least double the production of the first year. ('04, 48,000 units here in U.S.) Now that you can actually go to a dealer and purchase one, we might see some new records frequently.....

Max Reid

Million + Hybrids

Toyota has sold 900,000 hybrids

Honda has sold more than 100,000.
So Hybrids have crossed 1,000,000 mark joining the club of Flex-fuel (9,000,000) & CNG vehicles (5,000,000).

GM should start publishing sales of Vue-Hybrid, looks like they are not serious about Hybrids.
For the 1st time, Hummer-H2 sales go below 1,000 mark.


Toyota is boosting their worldwide Prius production to 300,000 for 2007, half of which are to be sold in the US. That's an average of 12500 per month in the US (which is almost exactly the number for February). Even if gas goes way high, they can't sell 30000 a month here because they can't make that many.


Two things keeping the Prius moving off the lot at our local dealer:

1. Federal tax credit drops from 1575 to 787.50 on 4/1.
2. Significant discounts from sticker prices, whereas just this past August consumers were paying full sticker.

I wonder how much of #2 is currency related as opposed to production setup costs being amortized, etc.


The Toyota dealer near me in Alexandria VA is offering $2,000 to $4,000 off MSRP on all their hybrids. They have 4 or 5 Prius on their lot, and they are selling them pretty steadily. I don't think that the tax break decrease will hurt them too much since they are already chopping the price a bit. This area is full of Prius, (Prii?) part of it is that they still get to use the car pool lane. That won't last forever because they are getting pretty common.


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Matt Kittell

Fleet purchasers are another strong source of demand for Prius' and other hybrid and alt fuel vehicles. Case studies of Illinois and King County WA will be featured in an upcoming Green Fleet Conference Call -


If anyone has any data on hybrid car sales back to 2000 or any ideas as to where I can find some I am looking for some for an Econometrics Forecasting class and any help would be greatly appreciated.


If anyone has any data on monthly hybrid car sales back to 2000 or any ideas as to where I can find some I am looking for some for an Econometrics Forecasting class and any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hybrids are not the solution, they are a settlement. I will get an electric car if politicians keep it from being mass produced. How would you like 200 miles a gallon? That's meaning an equivalent of emissions a plant would produce to create the electricity for your car. How would you like no road noise, zero emissions, no oil or part changes, to toxics and no stink? Stop settling for hybrid.


The French I thank have the anser & quiest way to do the car. It the comp. air engine cars. We need the auto producers to jump on. The oil co. will not go for it no money for them. zero emissions, to simple.
I for one thank is the only way out of this fule bull.
Thank Harry

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