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Vacaville (CA) Promoting Honda Civic GX and Home CNG Refueling

Vacaville, California is encouraging the purchase of the Honda Civic GX natural gas vehicle with a Compressed Natural Gas Vehicle Incentive Program. With 44 GXs on the road, the city is almost halfway to its goal of 100.

The city program cuts $6,800 from the purchase price of a new 2007 Honda Civic GX—the cleanest internal combustion engine powered car on the road, according to the EPA. A $4,000 federal tax credit is also available.

Partial funding for the program comes from a federal air quality grant the City has acquired to cover a portion of the costs. Under grant rules, in order for participants to qualify, they must live or work full-time in the northeastern portion of Solano County: Vacaville, Dixon or Rio Vista.

Owners of NGVs have the option of filling up at one of more than 30 PG&E public refueling stations in Northern California, including one in Vacaville, for around $2 a gallon or installing a filling station in their home.

The latter, with incentives, drives the price of a gallon equivalent of natural gas down to about $1.25.

The City is also offering a $2,000 incentive on the purchase and installation of the Phill Home Refueling Appliance (HRA). There is also a $1,000 tax credit on the Phill HRA as well.

Vacaville has been a leader in promoting the use of alternative fuel vehicles. Prior to adding NGVs to its fleet, the city earned the moniker “Voltageville” thanks to having the most number of electric vehicles per capita in the United States.

Vacaville EV Lease Buy-Downs
Model #
GM EV1 73
Toyota RAV4 EV 16
Chevy S-10 7
Ford Ranger EV 4

In 2004, the sponsored an EV lease buy-down program, which provided financial incentives to qualifying participants to reduce the cost of the lease. By July 2004, more than 100 residents had taken advantage of the EV lease buy-down program. (See table at right.)

As of January 2007, the city still hadfederal and regional grant funded financial incentives available to qualifying participants for the purchase or lease of new freeway capable electric vehicles.

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Natural gas seems like a very good fuel, if they could find a way to store it without taking up too much space.

It might also go well with a mild hybrid.

Does this make sense ?


My complaint with this is the compressor takes a large amount of electrical energy to refuel the car. That coupled with limited range you might as well go with a BEV

john baldwin

it only takes a bit of elec, no big deal and its night time which is cheaper (although I admit still made from coal or gas)....


This is a huge subsidy. So large as to be suspicious. I hope those Honda GXs don't somehow belong to the families of city employees.


The city program is only for 100 cars = $680,000. Just to encourage some early adopters. Plenty of less worthy ways that gov't wastes money. Equivalent to about 43 seconds of military spending.

These grants may even be taxable, in which case Big Bro will be grabbing part of it back with his other hand.

My guess is that in North America, Nat Gas cars will always remain a fringe product. We don't have huge surpluses of Nat Gas available.

Hybrid and Battery Electric are the future.


Ah yes... the naysayers again crawl out of their dark abyss of negativisim to promote the "Plug in / EV-or-nothing" agenda. Look, anything that strikes a stake thru the heart of oil, with BIG air quality benefits and CO2 reduction is GREAT! Those expecting perfection will forever live in a wanting world.

1. Electricity for compression.. Its only about 25 cents per gallon equivalent. Delivered cost of CNG with Phill? (Home Refueling) = ~ $1.50 per gasoline gallon equivalent. Off-peak electricity (night) as mentioned.. just like the BEV model. 1/2 the price of gasoline. Sign me up!

2. "Might as well go with a BEV".. (based on limited range) Lets see, I can drive from LA to Vegas in a CNG GX in 4, 5 or 6 hours, depending on speed, with one stop in Barstow. Why? Fast fill @ public stations. There is no 5 minute BEV fast fill like CNG.

3. Range II. Vacaville to Vegas = 600 miles. 10 hours in a GX, public stations all the way. 40 hours in a BEV. (5, 6 hour charge stops + 10 hour trip) Now who's gambling?

4. No huge surplus of Nat Gas... Incorrect, there are VAST resources of Nat Gas, in both U.S. and Canada.

Today, landfills are ramping up for Biogas as vehicle fuel. Orange County landfill on track for 20,000+ Gallons PER DAY of LNG, which is like 60,000 cng gallons, daily. This will only grow. Using biogas for CNG cuts greenhoue gas emissions over 100%.

5. Subsidies... (Ironic, in the context of "Hybrid & BEV is future") Duh.. did everyone forget the massive BEV govt. subsidies? Todays Hybrid tax credits? Get real.

Needless to say some "my way or highway" curmudgeons will forever find a way to poke holes in everything but their preferred idea... at the expense of environmental and societal goals. I commend the City for leadership.


Canada -- Natural Gas

Oil and Gas Journal (OGJ) reports that Canada had 56.6 trillion cubic feet (Tcf) of proven natural gas reserves in January 2006. The country produced 6.5 Tcf of natural gas in 2003, while consuming 3.2 Tcf. Canada is an important source of the U.S. natural gas supply. During the first 11 months of 2005, it exported some 3.9 Tcf of natural gas to the United States, representing 85 percent of total U.S. natural gas imports during that period.

USA -- Natural Gas

As of December 31, 2004, EIA estimated that the United States had proven natural gas reserves of 192.5 trillion cubic feet (Tcf), or about 3 percent of world reserves (6th in the world). EIA forecasts U.S. natural gas consumption for 2005 at about 22.3 Tcf, with gross imports of 4.2 Tcf. More than 80 percent of U.S. natural gas imports come from Canada, mainly from the western provinces of Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan.


US are building LNG terminals on both coasts to receive oversea LNG to compensate looming deficit of NG supply. Agreements to supply huge amount of LNG already signed with Russia. It is doubtful that NG will have more than niche share of US transport fuel market.

BTW, Abigail, NG is produced by same evil Oil multinational corporations. That’s why they are officially called “integrated Oil&Gas”. You gotta better know your enemy.


We can heat and cool buildings and homes with solar thermal and create Synthetic Natural Gas (SNG) by gasifying biomass like corn stalks. The SNG would use the same efficient distribution system as NG and you refuel your hybrid NG car in you own garage. I would save enough NG by solar thermally heating and cooling my home to run my car on CO2 neutral renewable SNG. There are solutions to more than one problem at the same time, with some creative thinking and a systems approach.


i want to learn more about biogas to cng for vhiecle use.


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