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Washington State May Boost NEV Speed Limit to 35MPH

Seattle Times. The Washington State legislature is expected to pass a law that would increase the speed limit on neighborhood electric vehicles to 35 mpg from 25 mph currently.

State lawmakers passed legislation in 2003 that allowed low-speed, battery-powered vehicles on city streets but limited them to 25 mph. Dealers could not sell four-wheeled models that went faster. But back then, many of the so-called “neighborhood electric vehicles” looked like souped-up golf carts.

Nowadays, the newer models...look like real cars. They’re enclosed, with heaters, windshields, seat belts, impact-resistant bodies, and often come with either unibody construction or safety cages. They’re recharged by simply plugging into a standard electrical outlet.



gee I don't know... many people don't already travel the posted speed limits, cars that don't have potenial to even reach those speeds are asking to be honked or heck even rear ended :S


If they can make 50kph then they can be driven in most of the city and that would make them far more useful and competitive.

Ona Beadle

I agree that the speed limit should be raised to a more satified rate. I think our techonegy should be allow to keep up with our laws.

Can we all make a difference?

Dave Lloyd

Who does one contact to promote the increase in NEV speed in your state? Is it an office at the DOT or through a state representative?

Darlene Teas

25mph, even a 35mph limit is rediculous - those that live ion the city could even take a bus, and 25mph might be fine for them. But I live in rural county, and most raods are posted at 50mph - living so far away from my daily job, I would REALLY love to use an electric car! But I am afraid of creating even more road rage than already exists, buy slowing commuters that are all in a hurry.


The speed limit on EV's is rediculous and was probably
convieniently setup by the oil and gas people. EV's are
capable of speeds just like all-gas vehicles . Watch out
> OK gas and oil if this is how you want it , electrolosis
all water powered vehicles are coming. Whatch you gonna
do now brotha!

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