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Wisconsin Start-up Ethanol Company Considering Using Black Liquor as Feedstock

Third Coast Bio-Fuels LLC is in discussions with Stora Enso to use black liquor, a byproduct of the pulp process in paper making, as a second, less expensive source of feedstock to corn.

The Wisconsin company had planned to build a 50 million gallon-per-year corn ethanol plant, but that project has not progressed.

Because the long-term profitability in ethanol lies in alternative sources of feedstock, [Ron] Kuehn said, the plant will utilize cellulosic feedstock no matter where it goes. Either the plant would have a corn intake and a cellulosic intake working simultaneously, or the plant would begin using corn, then convert to cellulosic, he said.



Economics at work. Corn prices rise so high that ethanol producers start looking for cheaper feedstocks, which lowers the demand for corn in the long term as they switch over.

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