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California Will Sue if EPA Too Slow on Waiver

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger today said that the state will sue the US Environmental Protection Agency if the agency acts too slowly on the waiver required for the state’s implementation of its greenhouse gas regulations. (Earlier post.)

The governor was discussing alternative energy and climate change at the Milken Institute’s 10th Anniversary Global Conference.

The biggest challenge is to convince the federal government to join that movement and to recognize that...we have to become a model and a perfect example for the rest of the world.

We have been picking up where the federal government left off, and it has been a challenge.

...if we don’t see quick action from the federal government [on granting our waiver], we will sue the US EPA.

—Governor Schwarzenegger



Let's just do it without trashing good science.

Robert Schwartz

They are going to sue a Federal bureaucracy if they don't move fast enough. The last law suit took 8 years. We will all be dead and gone before they have this thing moving.


but it's a good stick to throw and it will be bad publicity for the feds. cheers on the governator for showing some balls on these issues.


The Govenator is going to sick his lawyers on the Feds,
Like the Federal Judicial Bench is going to let this
go anywhere with the current climate surrounding The
Attorney General. Lets hope the EPA doesn't use stall
tactics and litigate this case into eternity, which
might be sooner than expected.

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