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Coalition Forms to Promote Coal-to-Liquids Fuels

A group of mining, railroad, energy and labor organizations has formed the Coal-to-Liquids Coalition to promote the production of coal-to-liquids transportation fuels.

A dozen members of Congress joined the founders at a Capitol Hill press conference last week to endorse the ability of coal-to-liquid (CTL) fuels to provide fuels for motor vehicles and commercial aviation and to meet the fuel needs of US military forces.

...standing at the forefront of the Coal-to-Liquids effort is the Air Force. At 93% of total consumption, the Defense Department is the US government’s largest user of fuels. And of all four branches at DoD, the Air Force consumes the most, 52%...This, then, is a matter of national security.

—Reo, Nick Rahall, II (D-W.Va.)

Coalition members said federal incentives are needed that recognize the volatility of global energy prices and encourage more robust investment in a domestic CTL industry.



The federal incentives to address the volatility are what I referred to in the c02 atlas post as a push for a floor price on oil.This would assure the viability of ctl with carbon capture as well as ethanol and other non-oil tech.
A dozen members of congress representing millions of voters are pushing this.It doesnt matter if you think energy can be provided without coal unless you can convince these people to lose their jobs.Or to convince the states to forgoe the tax revenues and economic expansion in depressed areas.Or the profits of evil mining ,railroads etc.
Ctl also appealls to oil independence advocates and parents of soldiers{like me}who want a source of energy other than oil before their sons and daughters have to die preserving access to oil.
Alternatives to the current energy infrastructure have to be constructed in a way that you can sell to all these interest groups including groups of citizens who have differing expectations of energy policies.
Some in coal states want a way to make a living.Parents want a near term answer{ctl?} that can keep their military children alive.Pols want to be reelected.
Whatever answer you may have that is opposed to this policy you also must be able to sell it politically.The pols are releasing trial balloons and are building their sales pitch.I am prone to being sold by them.I want independence because I have three children in the military.As a parent I am selfish.If insistence on a perfectly green solution delays the possible solutions offered it causes anxiety.If parents children are endangered and killed waiting for energy independence their concern about the planets future and the potential sea level increases vanish.
I introduce these emotions because they are part of the sales job necessary for any road map to be accepted by portions of the public.Politicians must sell to enough of these groups for anything to much as we despise them I must say that they do have a complex sales job.

Max Reid


You are a resposible Father and a Citizen.
No one will like to lose anyone in their neighbourhood or among relative or friends. For father losing a child is worst pain.

Earlier, light crude oil was produced which was much cleaner, but over a period of time, the industry moved to medium and heavy crudes which were high in pollution and now Tar sands which pollutes almost as much as Coal.

So nothing wrong in using Coal to Liquids, soon clean Coal may come which should be better than Oil.

China is investing $130 billion in CTL. Better for US to go this way. Also the investments in Wind, Solar, Bio-fuels should increase, since it benefits farmers in a big way.

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