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Firefly Energy Selects First Contract Manufacturer for Carbon-Graphite Foam Batteries

Firefly Energy Inc., developer of a carbon-graphite foam lead acid battery for commercial and military uses, has formed a battery manufacturing partnership with NorthStar Battery Company to enable prototype and production support of Firefly’s “3D” battery technology to serve the US Army. (Earlier post.)

Under a product design provided by Firefly Energy, NorthStar will manufacture a “6T – 3D” carbon-graphite foam lead acid battery. The carbon-graphite foam-based battery technology deliver a combination of high performance, extremely low weight and low cost, all in a battery which utilizes the best aspects of lead acid chemistry while overcoming the corrosive drawbacks of this same chemistry.

The Firefly battery offers performance associated with more advanced battery chemistries but for one-fifth the cost, and can be both manufactured as well as recycled within the existing lead acid battery industry’s vast infrastructure.



I imagine the US army will be a large black hole for all production of these batteries for a couple of years at least.... Pity.


This technology could find an immediate application in the worldwide lightweight electric bike market . It seems that for innovations like the Firefly to have the most positive impact on sustainable growth - it should roll out across commercial, military and non-profit applications, simultaneously.

A good place for DOEs Advanced Battery Consortium to lend support for non-military applications.


The are making it available to power an electric lawn mower from Husqvarna ultimo 2007. see http://www.fireflyenergy.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=91&Itemid=86

Harvey D.

What is meant by:

1. High Performance..........?
2. Extremely low weight.......?
3. Low cost...........?

Can somebody fill in the missing info?


Harvey - It means they are not Lithiums.


Let's see if GM gets interested.



1) High Performance ... four to five times the energy density of regular lead acid.
2) Extremely low weight ... only a fraction of the lead is required.
3) Low cost ... no more expensive than regular lead acid (we'll see)

Other than that ... check out their web site.

E-P: If their price is low enough to shift the economics do you think these are good enough for a PHEV (Volt)? I know they would be good enough for electric bycicles and electric motor cycles.


is there any performance data on these batteries

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