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Flexcar Expands to Philadelphia

Flexcar has expanded its car-sharing program to Philadelphia, PA with an initial fleet of 30 low-emission vehicles, slated to grow  to more than 100 by year’s end.

The fleet includes hybrids, sedans, minivans, pickup trucks and sporty cars, including MINI Coopers. Philadelphia becomes Flexcar’s 11th US city, extending the company’s national footprint.

Flexcar has experienced double-digit growth in revenue and membership growth in the past year.  The company added vehicles in Baltimore in late March after launching services in Gainesville, Florida earlier this year, and has plans to open service in other cities soon. Flexcar is on pace to nearly double the size of its fleet in each of its existing markets.



Cool.Could be an increasingly attractive concept for most heavily congested cities.could also fit well with phevs:when you drop it off at a charging station it fuels itself for the next guy.

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