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Germany Unveils 8-Point Plan to Cut GHG Emissions 40% by 2020

German Environment Minister Sigmar Gabriel unveiled an eight-point plan to cut the country’s greenhouse-gas emissions by 40% from 1990 levels by 2020.

Germany’s “wedge” strategy for cutting GHG by 40%. Click to enlarge.

This is double the amount pledged by the EU in March. At that time, EU leaders said they would increase cuts to 30% if other larger emitters did the same. (Earlier post.)

The eight points include:

  1. Using increased energy efficiency to cut current electricity consumption by around 11%;

  2. Modernizing power stations;

  3. Increasing the share of renewables in electricity production to 27%;

  4. Increasing the use of combined heat and power;

  5. Improving building energy efficiency;

  6. Using more renewables for heating;

  7. Increasing transportation efficiency and increasing the use of biofuels to 17%; and

  8. Reducing the emissions of non-CO2 greenhouse gases such as methane.



these politicans are worth their weight in gold !

Max Reid

What about nuclear power plants. If they phase out nuclear plants, definitely they will end up increasing the pollution.


I'm not so sure max. Germany's electricity mix is quite heavliy weighted to solid fuel so phasing out the coal powerplants and replacing with gas in addition to greatly increased renewables and better energy efficiency (couldn't they shoot higher than 11%?) should keep emissions down i'd have thought.

Harvey D.

From a country already doing better than Kyoto, this plan will but Germany way ahead of other industrial countries in the fight against air pollution and GHG.

Combined alternative fuel, NG, wind, solar, geothermal, and waves + (energy conservation programs) will supply Germany with enough energy for a robust economy for decades. However, if or when Russian's NG is turned off or runs out, more Nulcear may be the only long term way out.

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