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GM Considering Importing Corsa to US

GM is considering importing the new Opel Corsa to the US, according to a report in the Financial Times Deutschland.

This fourth-generation supermini has already won a number of “best car”awards in Europe. The basic Corsa offers three gasoline engines (1.0, 1.2 and 1.4 liters) and three diesels. The gasoline versions offer fuel consumption ranging from 5.6-6.2 l/100km (38-42 mpg US).



It would seem like a good idea to bring it in and show Toyota what GM has in the bag.

Pity they don't / can't bring the diesels...

Mark R. W. Jr.

Hmm...think this Corsa could give the Fit and Yaris a run for their money?


Work on the dam Diesel and lobby Biodiesel.


I don't believe it. They were importing the Astra and it came over with only one engine option. Even if they do import the Corsa, it'll probably come with a 1.8L four cylinder and will struggle to get 30 mpg. All they're doing is dangling carrots in front of environmentalists so they don't pay attention to the hog behind the curtain.

I don't believe it, and until GM produces something substantial, not rumors or concepts, I will not consider them. Which is a pity for them, because I'm going to be buying a car in a few months.

Gerald Shields

GM is just a BS car company. At least Ford has some SUV hybrids. MAKE MINE PRIUS!!

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