Japan to Set Up Public-Private Project for Cost-Effective Electric Vehicle by 2015; Focus on Li-Ion Batteries
European Ethanol Production Climbs 71% in 2006

Jamaica Pushing Sugarcane Ethanol

BusinessWeek. The government of Jamaica is looking to the production of sugarcane ethanol to revitalize its agriculture sector.

“The world is seeing that ethanol is a big thing and ... the prospect of what we can earn from ethanol is simply going to be mind-blowing,” said Donovan Stanberry, permanent secretary in the Ministry of Agriculture and Lands, in a statement on Friday.

Jamaica has been trying to focus its sugar industry more on ethanol, raw sugar, and molasses, although the majority of the country’ cane fields remain focused on sugar.



And they've been very busy googling about it too :D



But now it's not rain that water the cane crops,
but the sweat from man's brow;
the substance from our spine.
We gotta keep on living,
living on borrowed time:
Hallelujah time!

Yes, you can hear the children singing:
Hallelujah time!
As they go singing by and by:
Hallelujah time!
Oh, "hallelujah"
singing in the morning.
Hallelujah time!
t them sing; don't let them cry.

Hallelujah Time (Jean Watt) by Bob Marley and The Wailers from Burnin' (1973)

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