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smart USA Launches smart fortwo Reservation Program

smart USA, a subsidiary of United Auto Group, Inc, has launched a reservation system for the smart fortwo, which is expected to go on sale in the US in the first quarter of 2008.

Consumers interested in owning a smart fortwo can reserve a production model, including trim level and color preferences, for $99.00. Those interested in reserving a smart fortwo should visit the smart USA home page at www.smartusa.com and Click on the reservation link.

We are encouraged by the overwhelming, positive response to smart. To date, our website has received more than 800,000 unique visitors, and over 46,000 people have registered on the website as smart ‘insiders’. The reservation system is a way for us to respond to consumer interest while we establish our dealership network.

—Roger Penske, smart USA Chairman

Later this year, smart USA will launch a 44-city road show tour where interested consumers will have the chance to drive the vehicle at various events across the country. The road show has been designed to showcase the many features of the car including its sophisticated safety management system, its functionality and driving performance. The complete road show schedule will be posted on www.smartusa.com this spring.



For the same price (or less!!) you can get a decent Scion xB with WAY more hauling capacity and approx 38 mpg. This doesn't seem like a great step up (lots of money going into the marketing though...)

Ron Fischer

The Smart's real strength is ease of parking. In cities like San Francisco that is a huge plus. I lived there for a few years and having a motorcycle was a huge advantage when I wasn't just walking someplace. But in 80% of the USA you can find an empty dirt lot to park a vehicle of any size. In spite of this automakers are nailbiting over idea the public will downsize due to fuel price, GW, and/or recession. The DCX/UAG distro deal is a way of responding while neither admitting its taking place, nor taking on the financial risk. "Smart" move.


This car was designed to be a BEV under its orginal ownership, the founder of swatch
watches of switzerland , and then Damiler Chrysler got involved , and well hell you know the rest !
Funny though over here in europe Mercedes keep telling us that they cannot make any money on them and they are not selling , but there seem to stacks of them on the road .


motor trend has an article on this that is far more informative with nice pics as well. It seems that this gets 40-60 mpg - so it will be the highest mpg non-hybrid you can buy. And the price is pretty reasonable. Plus supposed to be fun, in spite of low horsepower. So don't go comparing to everything else that is cheaper or more economic - its a way to get people into more efficient autos - thats what counts to me.


Perhaps well suited to the flexcar service.

jim bates

looking to advertize (wrap) fuel efficent cars.

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