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Beijing Auto Fleet to Top 3 Million by June

People’s Daily. The number of automobiles in Beijing will reach 3 million by June, according to Mayor Wang Qishan. The number of newly registered automobiles in Beijing is growing by 1,000 a day.

According to Wang, cars registered in Beijing reached 2.997 million by this past week, of which 2.18 million are privately owned.

“The fast increase in the number of automobiles in the city has not only brought along traffic congestion, but also posed great pressure to the city in fields such as resources and environment,” said Wang.



With peak oil combined with China and India growing, it is no wonder the future of the modern world has caused pause for reflection.

Mikael Johansson

There is a way to order the infrastructure of cities to avoid congestion and in the same time raise effectiveness in transportation as well as to lower the total energy consumption. Fast growing nation as China and India should follow the AortaCity way of expanding their cities.


The problem all cities have is no matter what as you grow you wind up with too many workers comming from too many places going to too many places and too many of them hitting certain locations all at the same time.

Mass trans is limited by severely limited begibibg and end locations. freeways quickly become a tangled mess past a relative few desinations and no one ever designed city streets to handle the number working in even a small skyscraper.

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