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BMW to Apply Start-Stop and Brake Regen to MINIs; Up to 60 MPG US

BMW will begin applying its start-stop and regenerative braking systems—now used in 1- and 5-Series BMW models (earlier post)—to MINI hatch models later this year, with resulting improved performance and efficiency. The MINI Cooper D—already the most fuel efficient of the line—will offer fuel consumption of 3.9 liters/100km (60 mpg US) and CO2 emissions of 104 g/km.

BMW’s Brake Energy Regeneration uses an Intelligent Alternator Control (IAC) and an Absorbent Glass Mat lead-acid battery for energy storage. The IAC reduces drag on the engine by only engaging when required to charge the battery, whereas a traditional alternator is always pulling power from the engine.

Additionally, the energy generated by the engine on over-run (under braking or descending a hill) was previously wasted. Now this lost energy is utilized by the IAC to charge the battery.

The Auto Start-Stop Function, available with manual transmission cars, automatically switches the engine off when the vehicle is stationary and the driver puts the car into neutral. To restart, the driver only need engage the clutch again before pulling away in the normal manner. The system may be de-activated at the touch of a button when not required.

Switch Point Display aids drivers of manual transmission MINIs in selecting the most economical gear in which to drive. The engine management system analyses speed, road situation and accelerator pedal position and based on this data calculates optimum gearing. The ideal gear is then displayed by number in the cockpit display.

BMW said that even prior to the application of the start-stop and regenerative braking systems, MINI had reduced CO2 output per vehicle by an average 14% last year, compared to an industry average of 0.3%.



'funny how a small car company like that can do it, but GM, Ford, and et all can't! Who are they kidding?'

BMW are not small at all. In fact financially they are much better off than GM... I love how you Americans think just because its not an American company its small. Maybe you were confused by the car name, Mini refers to the car, not the car company that produced it.


The Automatic Start/Stop solution of BMW and also the High Precision Injection are already invented by Behruz Vazvan from Telcopol Ltd (in Finland) and they are subject to their IPRs (patents). For more information please see email: . So it sounds ridiculous that now BMW claims to have developed such innovations. BMW first must obtain a license from Telcopol for infringing their IPRs! SAM


I have the same question as Richard introduced too.
It is obvious that at least Micro-Hybrid has gained come valuable results regarding fuel economy and emission comparing with the traditional vehicles, even with the state of the art technologies. the most important point in this regard is that it is a completive technology for any of the new and modern traditional pragresses. Think about Idle Start/Stop and Regenerative Braking potentials. But Implementing these technologies in production vehicles is progressing so SLOW. WHY?
Would someone please have a reasonable answer to this question? Please.


When? When? will this Mini D appear on the American Market....I hope it before we run out of gas.

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