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Indian Railways to Run on Biodiesel

New Kerala. The Indian Railways will run their diesel locomotives on biodiesel, starting with a 10% B10 blend and moving to B20.

Minister of State for Railways R Velu said...that field trials have also ben conducted successfully with 20 per cent blend. Earlier, the Railways have successfully carried out the field trial using 10 per cent blend of bio-diesel on Jan Shatabdi Express between Lucknow and Allahabad.

The Minister said Railways have taken up plantation on spare available Railway land and a project for setting up of four esterification plants for production of bio-diesel is being contemplated.


ekonthung ngullie

Dear sir,

Congratulations ,i am pround of your endeavour and the resulting success.We are all with you, lets make INDIAN RAILWAY an icon of energy conservation.

Thanking you

yours truly

ekonthung ngullie

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