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Lithium Technology Corporation Showcases New Battery Pack for Plug-in Retrofit

The LTC PHEV pack for the Prius. Click to enlarge.

Lithium Technology Corporation (LTC) has retrofit a Toyota Prius to a plug-in hybrid using a battery pack based on LTC’s new product line of large-format lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) cells, the largest cells of their kind in the world. (Earlier post.) The LTC battery pack replaces the OEM pack.

The 7 kWh battery pack, comprising 63 of LTC’s 3.2V, 35Ah iron phosphate cells, could support fuel economy of up to 125 miles per gallon, the company extrapolated, based on the performance of a smaller 2.2 kWh li-ion pack used in the Zytek smart for four conversion in the UK. (Earlier post.)

The large-format technology allows the use of a significantly lower number of cells. This enables greater precision in monitoring of the cells by the battery management system (BMS) to keep cells in balance for best performance and preventing damage to the battery due to over-voltage, under-voltage, over-temperature and short-circuit, according to the company.

LTC cells use LiFePO4 licensed technology, developed by Prof. John Goodenough with the University of Texas and supplied by Phostech.

The LTC Prius PHEV.

LTC decided to build the prototype itself based on interest it was hearing in the US market about plug-in hybrids, according to Dr. Klaus Brandt, the company’s CEO. The next step for LTC will be to gather operational data on the Prius PHEV.

LTC provides li-ion systems for a range of sectors, including automotive and military. At the event at which LTC unveiled the plug-in pack, the company also showcased one of the LTC-powered xBot Remote Operated Vehicles used to explore the RMS TITANIC.


Mark A

Any idea how much space this pack takes up, or how much it weighs? Also, does this pack require any sort of cooling to maintain efficiency? Cost?

Anyway, its small steps like these that are helping us towards making great strides in our future transportation, our future EV transportation. My applause is to be assumed audible.


The top picture gives a pretty good view of how large it is.


Well, their 45AH LiCoO2 batteries are 1.55kg

Maybe about 1.25kg for a 35AH LiFePO4 battery assuming little difference in weight of the components. That would be roughly 79kg or about 173lbs for the cells themselves. That rack probably adds 30-40lbs if made out of lower cost materials.


60mm diameter and 232mm length for 45AH cells.

This gives roughly: 12" x 27.5" size plus maybe about 3" of height for top to bottom spacing and the frame and then maybe 8-9" in length for the frame and intercell spacing. 15" x 36.5" is my best estimate if the cells match the size of the 45AH batteries they offer.


How are we going to "Support Our Troops" if Lithion-type batteries replace half the petroleum that is our God-Given right to run our cars on if we want to and employ right-thinking America-lovers doing their duty to God and country to fight for that petroleum? We're talking unemployed military men, their poor wives struggling to make ends meet on military pay, and their one-parent neglected children! On leave, how are military families gonna drive the kids across the country to Disneyland on batteries that discharge after a few dozen miles? How will military widows get to their distant minimum wage jobs that welfare requires them to take with cars whose batteries make them too expensive to buy? USA! USA! We're Number One! Huh?


We're going to have an acute shortage of strawmen if you keep that up, Wells.

Interesting battery pack! Now how much would it cost?

And how big will a battery only vehicle's pack be?

Michael McMillan

Many of the current electric only cars get about 200 watt hour to the mile.
7500 / 300 = 25 miles of range. ie this is a pack you want to have a generator with. It would make a great motorcycle battery though. My electric bike gets about 8-12 miles per kwh on lead acid without regen. which puts the range at 50 miles.

Freeway speeds 80 miles per hour times 200 watts per mile is:
0.2 * 80 = 16 /0.7 = 23 horsepower genpack to keep up.


By the way, I much prefer fewer higher capacity cells.


7500/200 = 37.5 miles...

Kirk Ellis


Don't worry overmuch about what our military men will do for a living.

If they aren't busy securing our energy supply from raving Islamic lunatics, they will still keep busy preventing those Islamic lunatics from reaching America as they did on 9/11. Or Iranian lunatics from developing nuclear weapons, or North Korean lunatics with nuclear weapons from bringing back the golden age of communist dictatorships.

Not to worry. There is plenty of work to do for our brave fighting men.


You know what?, we should invade Titan (Saturn's largest moon) plenty of petroleum up their! Make us some supersoldier space marines with that 500 billion dollar military budget and go and kick some “ice heads” butts on titan... Or we could just make PHEV.

I wonder which idea is more sane?


My earlier post was an attempt to achieve Memorial Day irony. Muslims surely cringe at casual assumptions that their nation's oil wealth is our energy supply to be secured through military means. It may be that US sponsored Iranian nuclear power development in the 1970's was meant solely for conserving Iranian oil for export to the USA. In other words, once again the US brings calamity upon its people.

Transportation must evolve beyond simply building a technologically better car, else we slack-skinned automatons may never achieve the status of human.


It's not just Muslims that cringe. I live just North of you with large fresh water resources. I've heard Californians discuss the need to divert some of our rivers. According to them we wouldn't really have a choice. You guys sure know how to make freinds.


There is a book I read titled "Resource Wars" that is a credible review of the worlds resources and how 9 billion people will need them over the next 50 years. Fresh water resources took up at least one chapter in the book.


Let's just hope nobody gets that stupid (George W.?) because such a move would destroy both of our countries. The US could take the resources overnight but the ensuing resistance would turn the entire continent into a police state. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think Ben Franklin said "The man who trades freedom for security does not deserve nor will he ever receive either." It's time for guys like Rumsfeld to get an education and think a little about the consequences of their actions.


With this announcement from Lithium Technology is seems to me that there now are 3 serious contenders for the US market for automotive lithium batteries 1) saft-johnson, 2) a123, and 3) Lithium Technology. This is very good news. Wonder what is the chemistry the saft automotives batteries?


Nice crew....

Maybe we should all run down to Venezuela with Danny Glover, get 18 million dollars of "Chavez Oil Money" and make movies criticizing Booooosh. We can enjoy our time laughing as Chavez turns off the last free broadcasting network in his country.

Memorial Day honors those soldiers fallen in all wars, not just Iraq and Afghanistan. Whatever your disagreements, the soldiers do not deserve your self-righteious psuedo-intellectual sarcastic put downs.

Over 400,000 lost their lives during WWII defending the UK, liberating Europe. Today, 50 million more people stand to be free and liberated from tyrants and terrorist. And you verbally spit on all the volunteers in the armed forces doing this job.

You sit there freely, whaling away arrogant rants, while billions live in oppressed countries, many starving, dying, tortured, pillaged and raped. You have a gift given to you by millions gone before you that answered a call for their country... and like the Pagans of Rome, lifted up on high, with fruitless pursuits and the hubris of gods, proclaim yourself better than all beneath your level of knowledge.

The situation in the world is more complex than some star wars or x-men movie. Grow up, grow some and at the very least respect this day for what it is for those that have gone before you. If you cannot do that, then why do you deserve the freedom that others died for that you now enjoy?


Way to completely miss the point Mike. No one was insulting the troops in anyway, just the policy makers that misuse those troops. The best way to support our troops is to keep them at home and alive.


Right on Michael. Just like you, I get fed up with these post-colonial rants by our resident leftists who think freedom and liberties grow on trees. These so-called leftists will one day sell us to fascism or Islamism, and they will have the gall to call that "progress". Each and every Iraqi owes their freedom and their children's freedom to Rumsfeld. Shame on those who deny freedom to others and feel they are too superior and racist to share it. Shame on the post modern left.


"The situation in the world is more complex than some star wars or x-men movie."

Couldn't agree more. Too bad Rumsfeld and co. were too ignorant to understand that before they invaded Iraq without a plan. And don't kid yourself about their motives either, it's about the OIL.

Personally I don't lean to the right or left (I kind of sag in the middle) and I see a world full of dictators both right and left wing.

Bob Bastard

Yes, I have to agree with the other cynical rants. The USA is a very bad place full of very selfish and imperialistic people, headed by a fascist dictatorship for a government. I just wish we could go back to the good old days before the US came along and ruined this wonderful, harmonious earth. Read Noam Chomsky and listen to Michael Moore! Hugo Chavez for world emperor!


Nothing wrong with the US people or their form of government that couldn't be solved with an educational system and news media that started looking beyond their own borders. You don't need listen to Michael Moore for anything more than entertainment if you get some news with a global point of view (ex. guardian weekly, the economist, or BBC)


Yes, the world was so harmonious throughout history. Please read more than Noam Chomsky and Michael Moore.

Hugo Chavez for world emporer? Do you live in Venezuala? If no, why not since you would want Chavez to rule the world? If yes, how is it...and do me a favor, start a blog hosted on a Venezualan server that has nothing but bad things to say about Chavez and his government; just as an experiment. TIA!


Fidel Castro said: The USA can't be destroyed from the outside, only from within: Liberals will do it.


Neil, to say Iraq is all about oil, is eh... just too simplistic.

The US is paying $65 a barrell for oil that comes out at $3 a barrell including shipping costs.

We took over Iraq so we get the privilege to pay them $62 a barrell? Now go figure that ... "it is all about oil" -- is too simplistic, unfactual, and a post-colonial mantra.

In any case Lithium-Phosphate batteries will reduce the need for oil, and hopefully we will stop hearing about such silly oil theories when these batteries run our cars. In fact, I will pay premium for these batteries just so to prove these anti-progressive illiberal post-colonial leftists and whiners wrong about their oil conspiracy theory.


Neil: "Guardian weekly" and BBC

heheheheheh -- Guardian is a den of lies and nobody takes that seriously but leftists. I thought you said you are a liberal. You are not. Guardian doesn't give a hoot about human rights or our liberties. Guardian is a well known mouthpiece for the totalitarian left. eheheheheheh

BBC? You mean the outfit that taxes British TV viewers to construct more left and Islamist oriented programming? You mean the outfit that does not have to earn its keeps and compete with the rest of us? That can put its hands in our pockets and self-preserve itself and become an ideological den answerable to no one, while bashing the US, even when al-Qaeda blows up 200 people in the Baghdad marketplace?

What a joke.

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