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Ogden Police Adding Escape Hybrids as Patrol Vehicles

The Standard-Examiner. The Ogden, Utah police force is adding Ford Escape Hybrid SUVs as patrol vehicles.

“We currently spend $176 weekly to fuel a traditional patrol vehicle, and because much of that vehicle’s time is spent at low speeds through the city streets or at idle, reducing those costs and increasing efficiency was certainly a concern,” [Richard Brookins, the city’s fleet manager] said. “I just had no idea it would make this much of a difference. It not only burns less fuel but it helps us keep the air cleaner in Ogden.”

Brookins said it’s too early to tell what weekly fuel costs will be for the Escape, but according to Ford, the hybrid has a range of 500 miles per tank of gas and gets up to 36 miles per gallon. By comparison, Ford Crown Victoria patrol vehicles, being used by the department, get about 13 mpg, he said.



Been in Ogden on a winter day and yes the air quality is horrible.

Now if they would upgrade to the PHEV option from hymotion, they could get even more miles per gallon. Maybe I will have to give Richard a call and see if he knows about that option.

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