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PHEV Conference in Canada in November

The Plug-in Highway Network is organizing the PHEV2007 conference to be held 1-2 November in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

The conference—“Where the Grid Meets the Road”—will focus on the range of opportunities and challenges that Plug-in Hybrid Electrical Vehicle (PHEV) present for sustainable transportation. It will focus in part on:

  • Establishing a Canadian network of researchers focused on PHEV related issues;

  • Reviewing on-going demonstrations PHEV project across North America; and

  • Discussing the possible role of Canadian government in supporting PHEV development.

Among the sponsors for the conference is Manitoba Hydro, which last year launched a research and development project to review the potential of PHEVs and the possible impact that the new technology could have on future Manitoba Hydro electrical load growth and energy markets. (Earlier post.)

Other sponsors include the University of Manitoba, the Center for Sustainable Transportation at the University of Winnipeg, and Manitoba Infrastructure and Transportation.



Winterpeg, Manifroza!


Pay no attention to that journalist behind the curtain, he just trying to wangle more anti-freeze.


I wish them all success, in a country run by a conservative party in large part elected in Alberta (bought and payed for by big oil) PHEVs could be a hard sell. Manitoba may be a little off the beaten track but they don't have oil but they do have a whack of Hydro. Hey, at least in November you won't be slapping at the bomber sized mosquitoes!

Atinsola Ibrahim

Am very pround to read little i can read about PHEV and am very pk with that ,and i wll also like to know morw about them cos i always like to work with internation orginisation .

engr. folarin adewale

dear sir/ma,
I wish to know if my company can be invited for the conference. Am the CEO/MD of Hegdes wek We are into supply, export and importing.
Please, let me know if the conference can be useful for us in Nigeria.
Engr. Folarin .A

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