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Toyota Launches Its First E100 Flex-Fuel Cars in Brazil

Toyota do Brasil Ltda. introduced two new Corollas, the locally-produced, 100% bioethanol-compatible Corolla Flex and Corolla Fielder Flex.

Changes in the fuel system and engine specifications allow the E100 Corollas to achieve engine performance that surpasses that of the currently available 1.8-liter gasoline engine Corolla and Corolla Fielder on which they are based.

The Corolla Flex and Corolla Fielder Flex are the first marketed Toyota models that can run on 100% bioethanol.



aw man i wanted specs! i wonder how much better an engine can really perform with e100 or e85 for that matter with mpg estimates.... I can barely find this info...

making an engine COMPATIBLE with ethanol rather than TAKING ADVANTAGE of the high octane content is jokes IMO...

Max Reid

They plan to sell 2500 cars / month.

I wish they bring this to US as well, but they wont do it as long as Corolla's are selling well.


Can you get converter kits for Toyota corolla cars?

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