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People’s Daily. ChangAn Automobile successfully ran China’s first independently developed high efficiency and low discharge hydrogen internal combustion engine (ICE) on 18 June.

The high-efficiency and low-emissions hydrogen engine is the only main hydrogen fuel project established in China’s 863 plan. The successful ignition marks a milestone, and lays a foundation for national hydrogen engine industrialization development.

ChangAn began to develop its hydrogen engine in 2005.


Paul McLachlan

I would be very interested to know how ChangAn is undertaking this development. The conventional four-stroke internal combustion engine is not a good starting point to develop a viable high thermal efficiency hydrogen ICE. I would like to make contact with the development team to discuss their objectives and present the advantages in thermal efficiency and power density of the Pivotal engine for hydrogen fuel.
I would be grateful to be directed to the managment of this development team.

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